Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Life right now...

Sounds a lot like this:

"My Back Hurts"
"My Feet Hurt"
"I feel like an old woman/man"
"I am tired of walking"
"I am tired of cleaning"

You get the idea.....

All of that aside, it is a blessing to have JOBS! Yes, Britt and I both have jobs that are paying a decent amount and we are grateful for that.

Britt is working for the Security Department at Hobby Lobby Corporate Offices. It is a great company and a good opportunity for him. The only department that was able to work with his school schedule was security and it is not always the most fun. Basically he walks, and walks, and walks, and.... Once again, you get the idea. All of this makes him quite tired at the end of the day but it is still such a blessing and will only be for a season. He will officially be done with school (Lord willing!) this December. Our hope is that he will be able to make some good connections while at Hobby Lobby and get a job that interests him a little more there.

Right now I am working with my cousin Dean cleaning new built homes. The house that we are cleaning right now is 18,000 square feet. Yes, you read that right, it was not a typo! This is one big house! I am grateful for the work! Granted, house cleaning is not my dream job but it is really flexible and my cousin lets me take off for interviews and other such things. He has been so great!

I also took a Substitute Orientation Class this morning for Norman public schools. I plan to substitute some this first semester and work for Dean and then Lord willing, in December, get on at the Capitol again. *Fingers Crossed*

The Lord really has been so good to us! We are grateful for His provision and even though this is difficult right now we are learning a lot about leaning on the Lord and one another as we walk through this together. The best part is that we can already see the light at the tunnel because this is only for a short season. We know the Lord will provide the needed strength.

On a lighter note, we have anew addition to our family. His name is Ringo (Like the drummer for the Beatles) and he is a Beta Fish. I was so excited about this "pet" and Britt is warming up to him. I love coming home and talking to the fish like he can hear me. Mostly because Britt just looks at me and rolls his eyes. (Britt really loves the fish too and I am pretty sure while I am not at home he talks to him a lot. But don't tell him I told you. Shhhhh....)

Welp! That is life right now. Work and fish! lol.... There is really more but that is the big stuff that is going on right now. God is so good and I am seeing His mercy and grace in ways I have not before. He is faithful and never changing and for that I am so grateful!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Girls night AND our Apartment!

Girl's Night!

So grateful for wonderful friends who such an encouragement to me! I love you girls!

Now for the Apartment!!!

The Bed (Duh!) - We are still trying to find something to hand on this wall....

More of the bedroom....

And more.....

The dinning Room from inside the kitchen

The kitchen...

The dinning room...

The living room from the hall...

The living room from the front door...

Well, that's it! Nothing too big but we really like it. It feels like home for sure. Hope you enjoyed the "tour". ;)