Thursday, August 12, 2010

He is always faithful

If I have learned anything of importance this year it is how precious life is and that everyday we have is a gift.

On April the 10th my dad was in a car accident that would change my families’ life forever.

On August 9th my best friend gave birth to a precious baby girl who has 2 rare heart conditions and is currently fighting for her life.

Everyday is without doubt a gift and we never know when life will end but that each day is a privilege.

I see pictures of my dad today, or talk to him on the phone, or go to his house and see him. I have tears in my eyes with gratefulness to the Lord that He spared my dad’s life.

I was able to go see baby Ella at the hospital on Tuesday and hold her little hand and see her fighting for life. I put tears in my eyes.

The one thing that continued to go through my head after my dads wreck was what my dad always says “The Lord is always faithful”.

Now, as I watch sweet baby Ella on this journey I remind myself again of those words, “The Lord is always faithful”. We don’t understand it, we can’t see what He is doing, but He is faithful. God does not force the bad things on us, He is just there for us to walk through them.

Britt’s dad reminded me of a wonderful truth. He said, “Sometimes God calms the storm and sometimes he calms the child.” I think that most of the things I have walked through this year the Lord has not chosen to calm the storm, He hasn’t taken away the circumstance but He has calmed the child. I have experienced peace that surpasses all understanding.

He is always faithful!

Monday, August 2, 2010

I don't know what to call this.

I would be VERY surprised if anyone reads this thing anymore. I didn't even bother to look at what day I last posted because it is pathetic. Here I am though. Pretending to get back into it all. The truth of the matter is that it is a slim to none chance that I am "back in it". Life is taking a HUGE turn and giving us less hours in the day. Not REALLY less hours but I know that it will feel that way. Britt and I will both be working part-time jobs and working part-time at the Baptist Student Union at OU. This is an exciting adventure that is going to be amazing and probably kick our butts too. The truth is that I couldn't care less. I finally feel like we are moving in the direction of what we want to do and it thrills me!!!

I hope that all of you (the blogging world) are doing well. In my lack of blogging I have also neglected reading other blogs. That however, is one thing that I plan on fixing. Even though I may not update as often I hope to keep updated on your life. And who knows, maybe I will have more time to update then I think.

The summer has been VERY full with job preparations, my dads accident and recovery, church, current jobs, new puppy dogs, Britt being out of town most of the month of July, etc...

Sad thing is that I don't have pictures to prove it so you will just have to take me word for it! :)

Hope everyone is having a great summer!