Sunday, May 13, 2012


It's Mothers Day. So many things come to mind. First, how blessed I am to have the mother that I have. How blessed I am to have the Mother-in-law that I have. What an amazing example they both are as they walk with God daily and rely on Him for their strength even in the midst of devastating trial. They have both shown this through the past year in their walk. I am s blessed to call them both mom. I also cannot help but think of Gods blessing in my life. How He makes beauty from ashes. Last year on Mothers Day I had just experienced the loss of a baby. So many questions ran through my head and honestly most questions are still nt answered. One thing however rang true then and is still true today. God is faithful! Although I do not understand all of His ways I have experienced and understand His love for me. What a gift! And his year I anticipate the arival of my precious son. I see God's goodness in so many ways. Beauty from ashes.