Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Britt and Lauren. :)

So - If you didn't notice I changed my "look" and of course with that came a new header. As you can see the header says "Britt and Lauren" and it should probably say "Britt and Mostly Lauren". haha... But I decided that would not look as cute. Someone was joking about how our blog's address is BrittandLauren and I am the only one who writes but you should know, O' faithful reader, that Britt is behind a lot of it ( we are 1) AND most things include him as well. :) Header/blog name explained.

Did I mention tiring? haha!

I know, I am joking here - but I am not at the same time. We truly did have a GREAT Christmas with lots of family, lots of fun, laughter and food!
BUT at the say time we are plum worn out! Time for a break.
Pause - hold the phone! Isn't Christmas supposed to be a break? I guess we missed that memo but...

Speaking of breaks... Britt and I are going to the Lake with some of my family for New Years. Yeah for two long weekends in a row!!

I start my job at the Capitol next Monday, next Monday people!!! So ready! So excited! So happy to have a "Life" again! haha!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Job search... OVER

For those of you who have been praying for me as I look for a job I wanted to up-date you:
I was offered a job at the Oklahoma State Capitol and...
Of COURSE I accepted the position!! :)
Thank you all so much fr your prayers! God is good!
Merry Christmas to me! :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas!

Keep crossing your fingers people we might have a white Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

People, lets cross our fingers for a white Christmas! :) Could happen!


Random news.
If you are easily grossed out stop reading now.
Two days in a row now I have been in my car, at a stop light, minding my own business. As I sit there I happen to look up in my rear-view mirror. We all do this from time to time for whatever reason. Well, when I look up and see the person behind me (Yesterday a woman probably in her late 30's and today a man in his 50's or 60's) they are digging away at their nose! *yuck!* The problem is that it is NOT a scratch and sniff. It is a real, looking for hidden treasure dig! *So nasty!* Here is the the real nasty part. BOTH of the "Adults" did NOT flick "it" (Meaning the booger[s]) away). Yes, I am going there! You can only guess what they did with that little green thing and chances are your guess is correct! *Ding, ding, we have a winner*

Seriously, am I the only person who finds this totally nasty AND wrong!!! I know that from time to time everyone probably picks. It just happens. But lets be for real here people.

* First off, don't do it in your car, at a stop light for the world to see.

* Second, don't eat the darn thing!

Sorry if that was too nasty for some people but I did warn you! haha. I was seriously annoyed/grossed out/amazed that this happened not just once but two days in a row! And they were adults! *wow*

Done with that! haha


Right now Britt and I are in the midst of making our apartment balcony look amazing! There is a little compition going on here at our apartments for the best decorated door/balcony. I am not sure if we will actually win because we don't have a money tree but it has been fun to participate. When we are finished decorating I will post a picture.
You all would probably laugh at my desire to win. I can be a little competitive. hehe


Christmas is almost here people!!! I can hardly believe it but I guess I better start believing! haha

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Time!

Here are some pictures of a few of the Christmas festivities that Britt and I have been enjoying!


Looking at Lights!
This was a beautiful neighborhood!

Christmas Party!

Tree Hunting!

What a wonderful Christmas this has been together, with so much more to still come! We are so blessed! Merry Christmas, from our home to yours!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


I always see the number 11.
I just looked at the clock and it is 2:11.

Yesterday I can remember seeing it at 10:11am, 3:11pm, 6:11pm and 10:11pm. People, this is not normal! I will go long periods of time without looking at my clock and then I will get a phone call, a text or even just look at my phone and it will be "something eleven'.
Sometimes I will be at home, cleaning, cooking, on the computer and then look at the clock and it is once again "something eleven".
I told Britt that I am pretty sure my time of death will be 11:11.11.
Possibly on November 11th. Agh!


Growing up is fun because you don't have to do what your parents say anymore.
That is fun, right? haha...
Sometimes I hate it because instead of someone telling me what to do and me having to do it, I STILL have to do it and all I get to do now is add the extra step of telling myself to do it! haha


I know, this post has been random.
For whatever reason you are getting pieces of what is floating around in my head.


Last night Britt and I went to Chickasha to see the Christmas lights. So fun!
We had such a great time. I love that man and spending time with him!
(Pictures coming soon!) :)


Happy Saturday to you all!
Do a little of nothing today. :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rain + Freezing Weather + Stairs = ICE!

The following story is one of those that was SO not funny at the time, is maybe kind of funny now, and I am sure will be funny tomorrow.

I was going to leave the house early this morning before work to make a quick run by Wal-Mart. This meant that I had to leave by 7am. I got ready in plenty of time, gathered my book bag, purse, lunch and two bills I had to drop in the mail box and headed into the freezing cold.

Since it was 7am it was still somewhat dark outside, and I was in a hurry. Well, as soon as my foot hit the first step heading downstairs from our apartment I quickly realized that it was VERY icy. Well, the rest is history. I feel down the stairs. Every. Single. One. *sigh* SO NOT FUN. I must say that it hurt and beyond it just hurting it scared the living tar out of me!

All is well though and it is ok if you want to laugh. I am almost to the point of laughing although I do have a very sore low back, bum and upper legs. I am sure that I will survive though.

Needless to say, I did not make it to Wal-Mart.

Friday, December 4, 2009

So not a tree hugger but a tree cutter!

We got the tree! *yeah!* It was so much fun! I have probably 20 or more pictures of the "process" but I could not get them to upload due to a VERY slow Internet connection last night. However I do have a picture of the final product!


I am quite proud of our tree. It was so fun to go out and find our own little tree. Although, the "little" tree's were in short supply. This is actually the top of a tree that was approximately 10 feet! haha!

It was so much fun to be with Britt in our home decorating our tree! :) We had a fire in the fireplace and Christmas music playing. It was wonderful! the kind of moment you would not mind pausing in time to savor a little longer.

This is Britt and my third Christmas together but our first married which adds so much more excitement. I am so ready for all of the festivities to begin. I am also ready to give Britt is Christmas gift because I am horrible at surprises and the wait eats at me like no other! It will be here though, very soon! :)

Dear Santa,

If you were wondering what to get me for Christmas and you don't like the list that I already sent. I recently found a few things that I will take without any form of complaint. ;) For example:


THIS!! (In Cream Please)

Love, Lauren

Merry Christmas to you all! Go have some fun, cut down a tree! ;)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Yes - I bought that at a thrift store. So what?

So - I am a thrift store, salvation army, goodwill shopping junky! haha. Seriously people, I freakin' love these stores! I don't always have the opportunity OR time to go shopping but when I do I LOVE it. I am a girl who loves a good deal and boy oh boy did I hit the jackpot yesterday!

I stopped at the "Salvation Army Family Store" in Moore on 5th street and I found some great buys! I have been in desperate need, seriously DESPERATE need of some winter shirts!!! I had about, oh....2. HA! So I hit up the Salvation Army yesterday. I remembered my sister-in-law telling me that all clothes are half off on Wednesdays. I pulled into the parking lot to find it quite full but I decided to brave the masses and head on in! I started off with no shopping cart and quickly went back to get one because I found out that this was serious business. I tried on probably 20 things in the fitting room and loved most of them. Even though they were all good deals I had to narrow it down because despite the great find we are pretty tight on money right now. However I did walk aways with 5 shirts for $11!!! Not only that but they are: Banana Republic, Old Navy, New York and Company and Liz Claiborne! Not to shabby, ehe? And then to top it all off I found a Christmas tree stand (Which we need) for $4 and it is really nice! The cheapest stand that I have found anywhere else was at Dollar General for $8 and it was a piece of junk. So I left VERY happy! :D


We are still in the process of decorating for Christmas. Everything is done but our tree. The reason being.... We don't have a tree! I would say that is a good reason, wouldn't you? haha However, I am very ready to get all the tree decorations OFF my floor and ON a tree. The reason we don't have a tree is because we are going to go and cut one down ourselves! Ourselves meaning Britt, me, my dad, my dad's truck and my dads saw! hehe... It helps to know people with the right stuff! ;) We were supposed to go and get the tree tonight however my younger brother is in a basketball tournament and he has a game tonight so it looks like it will be Saturday afternoon. I am trying to hold off but I am SOOOO ready. *Sigh* Patience is a virtue, right?

PS - Can we get a little snow with this freezing' cold weather, please???

Love, Lauren.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I did NOT put "Happy Holiday's" on my header because I have a problem with people saying Merry Christmas. I hate all the Hoop-la that goes around about that. I actually hope that you have a VERY Merry Christmas. However, I did put Happy Holidays on my header because I also hope that your Holiday Season IS a happy one and I also could not fit Merry Christmas on my header and make it look as cute! haha. SO... MERRY CHRISTMAS! :)
The end.