Sunday, November 11, 2012


Trusting God. Something that I desire to do with every fiber of my being and yet my flesh is continually battling me and saying to trust in it (myself) and not God. This battle is truly not against flesh and blood. This is a spiritual battle. One that I am determined to lean on God for. It's funny to think that I can't fully trust Him without Him. 

Right now I am trusting him with my future. My families future. This past week was difficult to say the least. From the Election to having to give away my little dog and everything in between. Some things seem so much bigger than others and yet they all require trust. Not trust in myself. Not trust in my husband. Not trust in my circumstances. Not trust in my success. Trust in my Savior - the only one who is faithful, steadfast, never changing, always there.

Britt and I are looking to buy a house right now. We have been at the renting game for 3 years now. It feels like it is time. It is a leap of faith on a lot of levels for me but we feel like it is the wise decision for our family. Once I get my mind used to an idea I can't help but just say, "Let's do this!" But just because we decided we are ready does not mean the right house has come along. We thought the perfect house came along and the day we went to make an offer it went under contract. Trust. God has something even better in mind for our family. I am excited to see how God will provide.

Working at trusting God. It's what's going on with me these days. Thankful that I don't have to work on it alone. The flesh is weak but the spirit is able. So thankful.

I feel like I can't leave you without some cuteness....

Oh, this little boy. He stirs up this desire of mine to trust the Lord more and more. I am completely aware that I cannot be the mom I need to be without fully trusting this little man to the Lord. It's a daily thing and I don't see that changing anytime soon. I am thankful for that though - Thankful that I have a need to daily surrender to my Lord. 

Friday, October 19, 2012

I don't want to forget...

Blogging. I think that it is official that I am horrible at it. I really need to work on that because it's true, I don't want to forget. Not that a blog is the only way to remember but it seems like such a great place to put memories, pictures and stories all into one place.

So to catch me up so that I won't forget...

Squinting eyes from the sun...  

All those rolls...

Holding him when he sleeps...

 First time to eat "food"

First time to jump!

How much his daddy loves him...

Family walks...

How much he loves being outside...

those eyes....

I don't think that I could forget if I tried.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

There is a reason...

There is a reason I have not posted in so long. We have been without a computer. I have an iphone but the thought of trying to write a blog post on that was terribly daunting. We have recently been blessed with a "new to us" computer. We are SO thankful for it! So, here I am nearly two months later trying to pick up where I left off. This is quite possibly easier said than done because a lot has happened in the past two months. Things like this...

He's kind of a big deal. :)

I hope to post my "birth story" soon. So those of you who love that kind of stuff stayed tuned and those of you who hate that stuff I will be sure to give you good warning in the post so that you have time to opt out before the details hit. ;)

Really, I am sure other things have happened in the past two months but I just can't remember much of anything else. This little fellow kind of takes up my world these days. I have a sneaky feeling that my blog may become more popular (that is if I post regularly) because who doesn't love to follow a blog with a cute baby and it's all about to become about this guy.

So, until next time enjoy these adorable photos and I hope to see you soon!

Sunday, May 13, 2012


It's Mothers Day. So many things come to mind. First, how blessed I am to have the mother that I have. How blessed I am to have the Mother-in-law that I have. What an amazing example they both are as they walk with God daily and rely on Him for their strength even in the midst of devastating trial. They have both shown this through the past year in their walk. I am s blessed to call them both mom. I also cannot help but think of Gods blessing in my life. How He makes beauty from ashes. Last year on Mothers Day I had just experienced the loss of a baby. So many questions ran through my head and honestly most questions are still nt answered. One thing however rang true then and is still true today. God is faithful! Although I do not understand all of His ways I have experienced and understand His love for me. What a gift! And his year I anticipate the arival of my precious son. I see God's goodness in so many ways. Beauty from ashes.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"Wow! You must be due any day now!"

Along with being pregnant I get some realllly interesting comments. At first I thought, "Man, I must be extra sensitive". Then I realized if I heard those things and I wasn't pregnant I would be very offended and just because I am pregnant doesn't mean I want to hear them.

This blog post is not to call anyone out. For the most part the comments come from strangers and this is a place I can write about it and laugh. However, I will be really careful from now on what I say to someone who is pregnant. I get comments like:

"You are going to get soooo much bigger"
"How far along are you again?!?!"
People I don't know touching my stomach. *weird*
People I don't know telling me what I 'should' be doing to not get stretch marks. haha... *weird again*

When you think about comments or actions like that for women who are not pregnant it is soooo rude and out of line. Despite the fact that there is a little person in me it is still my body. I am just graciously sharing the space. :)

I was at a birthday party last night and my sister-in-law's grandmother said, "Wow, you only have 81/2 weeks to go! You look great and don't look like you have gained a pound anywhere else!" I felt like I could kiss her. :) I love to hear "You are glowing" (don't really get the pregnancy glow thing but don't mind the comment) I guess all of that to say there ARE alternative comments if you feel you must comment.

So, to the lady at Wal-Mart - I think I figured out that for me a few stretch marks are inevitable and I am doing what I can to help them. Thank you for your input. (or not) :)

Have you ever been pregnant? What is something shocking that someone said to you?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Discipleship As A Mother

I was recently talking to a friend who shared with me a bit of a conversation that she had with another
mother/wife. My friend was asking her what she thought about incorporating discipleship in her home
while being a wife and mother and the reply was: “My Husband and I feel like right now my ministry is to
our children and they should be my sole focus.”

Your initial thought in hearing this comment might be admiration. I would never deny the fact that being
a wife and mother is beyond admirable and one of the greatest callings we as women can have. (Psalm
127:3) To neglect the gift that God gives through children is foolish. However, when I hear comments
like the one made my initial thought is not admiration but sorrow. Somewhere along the way that
couple missed the mark of what God has called us to do first and foremost - To make Him known!

If you make your children your ONLY focus what are you teaching them? That they are the most
important thing and nothing is more important. Once again, another statement that can so quickly
sound admirable but is not biblically correct. We need to be teaching our children that the kingdom of
God and His glory is the most important thing. “Worthy are you, our Lord and God, to receive glory and
honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they existed and were created.” Revelation

If you create a “Holy Huddle” within your family you are making the goal of advancing Christ and His
kingdom impossible. Are you teaching them to reach the world by focusing on nothing but them? I
would dare to say no.

People often ask my parents what they did to raise us. They see my parents as successful because
they have four children who all love the Lord and desire to make Him known above all else. One of the
greatest things my parents ever did for my walk with God is opening their home to the lost and having a
continuous ministry. They protected us when necessary but they were also not afraid to get their hands
dirty. We had many talks on what we believe and why we believe it. These talks did NOT keep us from
reaching people who did not believe what we do.

Because of the choices my parents made to reach a lost world I saw firsthand Jesus in them. I saw what
it looked like to reach a lost world. “Then Jesus told his disciples, ‘If anyone would come after me, let
him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever would save his life will lose it, but
whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.’” Matthew 16:24-25.

My parents continually denied themselves and followed after Christ. They recognized the impact a

family could have for the kingdom. As a result, my love for discipleship and the lost was born. This
change in my heart did not take place by hearing one amazing sermon, reading a great book or reaching
adulthood. This happened in my heart and life as a result of seeing it lived out in my parents’ lives.

To feel like you should not be making disciples because you are a mom is really not a favor to your
children. You are doing your children a HUGE disfavor. They are missing a part of Jesus that they could
see in you!

The past school year I discipled 4 college age girls by meeting with them during my lunch break and in
the evenings. I know that when my son arrives this summer things will look different for me. My life will
change in drastic ways. However, discipleship will be incorporated into that life. When my son arrives I
will be having girls come to my home and they may be there while I am feeding Brightson, changing his
diaper, cooking dinner, doing laundry, etc… But the meeting will still take place. You see, the method of
how I disciple will change but the principle remains.

The principle that we are ALL called to make disciples (there was no clause in the great commission for
mothers) is there. (Matthew 28:18-20) But everyone’s method may look different because discipleship
is “life-on-life” and every life is different. What is your method? If you don’t have a method what could
your method be?

I believe with all my heart that as you reach the world for Christ your children will watch, learn and
mimic what you do. They will see firsthand the principle of discipleship. They will know what it means
to “Go!” and make disciples. It happened in my life and a lot of the credit for that is due to my parents.
God willing my son will see a heart to reach the world and make Christ known because of my example.

So don’t let statements like the one that mother made make you think that it is ok to not be reaching
the lost and making disciples. It sounds good to the ears but it is not the way Christ intended the
Christian home to be used. We should not withdraw as believers and create a “safe”, “Holy Huddle” with
our children. We should prepare our children while we have the ability to influence them in the greatest
way possible - By showing them the love of Jesus as we reach a lost world.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Should you vote? Is that a question?

I have read several posts recently about the fact that Obama and Romney appear to be THE candidates. A lot of people who are unhappy with Obama are also concerned with the fact that Romney is a Mormon and therefore they are drawing the conclusion to not vote at all.

This makes me furious.

When we, as believers, decide we don’t like something and therefore choose to remove ourselves completely from the situation how is that helping and WHAT is it accomplishing?

It is the same mentality that I have seen my whole life in people who hold more conservative values. When they feel “threatened” they withdraw and create their own “Holy Huddle”. I ask again, what is that accomplishing???

Thousands of men have fought and died for our freedom and right to vote. No matter what SOMEONE will be elected and just because it is not the “far out right-winged conservative” that you wanted you STILL have a voice and you should STILL use it. Not only that but it is a way to be good stewards of our God given right.

It may feel like you are voting for the lesser of two evils (no matter who you choose to vote for) but all that I ask it that you vote. This is not a post about whether or not Obama or Romney should be who you vote for. I am not getting paid to help on their campaign. I am just fed up with Christians who withdraw when things seem difficult or they are out of their comfort zone. I am pretty sure that is NOT how we will reach the world or make a difference. NOTHING will change if you adopt this philosophy. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

4.10.10 - 4.10.12

Two Years ago today, mid afternoon, I was laying in bed taking a short nap before going out to meet some good friends for a dinner and "girl time". My phone rang and I thought, "I'll call them back in a few..." Then Britt's phone rang. And then mine again. I rushed to answer it seeing that it was my mom. Before I even answered the phone I had a gut wrenching feeling that something was not right. 

To my horror when I answered I knew instantly. Something was not right at all! As my mom tried to talk stumbling over her words through fear and a lot of tears she began to tell me that dad and Justin were in a horrible car accident. She said that as far as she knew Justin was stable and she 'thought' dad was breathing but wasn't sure. Those are not words that you want to hear. 

As I listened to her talk, trying to tell her it was going to be okay and feeling at the same time that nothing was okay, I stumbled around the apartment moving as quickly as possible trying to get out the door. I have never felt so weak at the knees like I might pass out. I grabbed my purse and for whatever reason actually thought, "I should grab a jacket, hospitals are cold." Why or how I thought of that I will never know. 

Of course all of this time Britt is looking at me wondering what is going on. I just said, "Get ready fast. Dad. Justin. Hospital." In the blink of an eye we were in the car. I picked up my phone to call one of the friends I was meeting to tell her I would not be there. The moment she picked up and I tried to start to talk and tell her the tears fell in full force. I had not really said out loud what had happened. It was like until the moment of saying it out loud it had not happened yet. 

We made it to OU Medical center in record time from Norman. I was fearful that we would not get to say goodbye if the Lord chose to take one of them. If possible, I would not miss that chance. Once we arrived I ran into the emergency room entrance. My mom was there. I hugged her and she just cried. It was awful. 

More family arrived and we were put in a small waiting room. More and more people began to arrive and we were moved to a large area. I don't remember the exact number, it is written down somewhere, but in the ballpark of 200-300 people came through that night alone. It is overwhelming to see how loved we are. 

We were able to go back and see Justin. He was beat up with a broken ankle and shoulder. He also lost the tips of some fingers and he had a TON of scratches and bruises as well as very blood shot eyes. He was honestly better than I had prepared myself for which was good. We even joked a bit about some money he thought he lost in the accident. I told him the paramedics probably stole it. :) Mom said, "Oh, you guys stop, Justin I will give you the $20." He soon followed with saying, "Will you put it in my hand right now?" :) Our world felt like it was falling apart but in that moment I smiled and laughed and man did I need it. 

At this point we still did not know much about dad. We knew he was still alive but the wait to see him or hear was agonizing. Finally a Dr. called my older brother Brandon, my younger brother Jon, my mom and myself back to talk. My heart was racing. He began to list off dad's injuries that they were aware of. The list was ridiculously long and scary. My mom frantically signed papers that would allow emergency surgery to remove a bleeding/busted organ, inflate his lungs and anything else needed. Injuries I remember:

Busted Spleen
Most if not all ribs broken
Collapsed lungs
Shattered pelvic bone
Possible other broken bones 
Possible Trauma to the Head

There were more. I just can't remember them all. The Dr. said they were doing everything that they could and we should pray he would make it through the night. He told us it was bad, really bad. 

We waited and waited and waited. It was close to 11 that evening I believe before we were FINALLY able to go and see him. It was scary. They believed their was bleeding in the brain and they induced a coma medically to help him rest. That first night he was VERY restless. We would tell him what happened. That he was hurt but they were taking care of him. That Justin was okay. He would calm down for a bit. He looked bad but so much of what was wrong we couldn't see. We just knew it was there. 

After that restless night he became still. So still it was scary. They decided to wing him off the medicine to see if he would wake up. After several days of nothing it was determined that the coma they thought was only medically induced was not. He was in a coma and there was no way to know if or when he would wake up and in what state he would wake up. 

It was a little over a month before I saw him awake. Longer than that before I talked to him. Over two months before he even began to remember things. 

While he was sleeping so many things happened. They repaired, to the best of their ability his pelvic bone, lungs and other things. It was by God's mercy he was not awake for it. It saved him severe pain. 

When he woke up he was able to talk and after a while he knew who we were. That was by God's mercy as well. We saw, ever so slightly, improvement. Some days a lot and some says it felt like none. But God was working. 

The questions rang in our head, "God why?" I looked at my mom and thought "God why?" I cried myself to sleep too many nights thinking "God why? What is your plan in this?" I just could not see it. A lot of people told me a LOT of things but I remember two very specific things said by two people. 

"God NEVER gives us more than we can carry even though it may feel like to much to bare." 
"Sometimes God calms the storm, and sometimes God calms the child." 

I have said these two things to myself many times. I still remind myself of them to this day. 

The road was long. It is still a long road. Our life is more different then we could ever imagine. However, my God is the same! He was the same on April 10, 2010 and He is the same today April 10, 2012. Twenty years form now He will still be the same. So who is He you ask?

He is sustainer
He is enough
He is healer
He is provider
He is good
He is aba father
He is faithful
He is mercy
He is all that I need. 

I knew these things before that awful day. But I never knew them in the way that I know them now. My ability to relate with others suffering is so much greater. My ability to rely on God in times of utter confusion and defeat is greater. My faith has increased. I could have walked away bitter. Things are still different. They will never be the same. But I find myself loving and praising God all the more. 

I can say with all my heart that He is good! 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Baby Randomness

Random things about Pregnancy:

How many people touch your belly and comment saying, "It's so hard!". I usually reply with a smart comment about 'Tthe greatest workout routine ever'. :)

How many people smile and are just all around more friendly.

How when I walk around on campus or near the dorms people are not write as friendly and look at you like "Oh, that girl." Brings new meaning to "Timing is everything".

Food cravings. A love hate relationship. I told Britt that it is like you think about a food that sounds good and no matter how hard you try you can't stop thinking about it.

Target with Britt. He LOVES looking at the baby stuff. There is one particular swimming suite that he wants SO bad. I keep making him wait until our shower.

Speaking of Showers. So fun as it approaches! People have already given me some things. I love it! It makes it so real!

Being sentimental. Thinking about the upcoming holidays or events with Little Man a part of them.

Touring the labor and delivery floor where I will have him.

Drinking nasty stuff for a test.

The cost of some clothing. Ridiculous. They totally rip off pregnant women!

Thinking, "I know a lot about babies. I can do this mom thing" and then realizing I have no clue how often you bathe a newborn. Sooo... What am I getting myself into? :)

Getting the nursery ready. I can't wait to go in there and just stare. Picturing him in there.

The scare that Little Man gave me the other day. I didn't feel him kick for a long time. Almost 24 hours. I did EVERYTHING to try to make him kick. I call the Dr. As I am waiting on a call back he decides to start moving. This child does NOT preform on command.

Speaking of preforming on command. The way that he will be having a jam session in my belly and the moment someone touches it to feel the world is silent.

I love the random, silly, funny moments and I don't want to forget them.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cucumbers and Parenting

Week 26.
 I am in week 26 of my pregnancy right now. 

Saturday I will hit week 27, that is the third trimester! 

Every week that I am pregnant I get an email introducing my "new week". And every week the baby's size is compared to some food. How on earth they choose the foods that they do I will never know. Week 26 was a  English Hothouse Cucumber. What the heck is the difference in that and a regular cucumber? 

They are using the picture more to depict the length not the mass (thank God!). I am thankful for the quarter in the picture because I have no way to know how long that is. It truly makes me laugh every week and is probably the NOT the most endearing thing you could compare a baby to. "Hey you cute little 'English Hothouse Cucumber' you!" 

It's fun to joke about the fact that my baby boy is compared to strange food on a weekly basis but in all reality he is not cucumber. He is a real life, breathing, in the flesh, coming in three months whether I am ready or not,


Am I excited? Yes! 

More excited than a kid on Christmas! More excited than someone who just won a gazillion dollars!  More excited than getting 100 English Hothouse Cucumbers! 

Seriously excited! 

Am I scared? Yes.

When I think of the responsibility it is at times overwhelming. And it's not like I am an old pro at this parenting thing. Sure, I have said the classics: "I will never do that to my kids", "My kid will NEVER act like that", "THIS is how WE would handle this situation". Those are all cheap words now. Sure I thought that was realistic then. I can say "THIS is the kind of parent I will be" but what am I basing that off of? I can assure you it is NOT years and years of experience. When it comes down to it I don't know a whole lot. 

So here I am. This person who really doesn't know what I am truly getting myself into yet all of that aside it does not alter the fact that Britt and I are 100% responsible for raising this child. 


So today I realized how stinking grateful I am that it actually is NOT just Britt and I. Just like it is NOT just Britt and I in our marriage. There is another factor. 


SO thankful for the fact that I never walk through any new, scary, challenging situation on my own. SO thankful that my success is not based on my knowledge (although I totally know that seeking wise council from people will help a TON). SO thankful that I can say my dependence on the Lord as a believer, a wife, a MOM is what will determine my success. SO thankful that I am aware of how incapable I am and that I TRULY need the Lord's help. I could never do this without Him. How do people do this without Him?

With that in mind is there still a little fear? Yes. But there is an aspect of adventure, anticipation, not being able to wait to see how God works through this completely incapable vessel to raise a child. Raise a child that loves the Lord and fears Him. Raise a child that has a heart for the lost. Raise a child that calls my God-MY Abba Father, by the same name. Wow! I could NEVER do that alone but I cannot wait for the opportunity to be used by God to help lead my little man in that direction. 

So much wisdom needed here! 

So thankful for my Lord!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The List(s)

Things that I can't wait for. Sometime they keep me going. You know, the next "big thing"? I have this check list of small 'events' and large ones coming up between now and when little man arrives.

the small things...

*Getting my iphone - I have the worlds most janky phone. It is over four years old and does absolutely nothing cool. I barley takes pictures. I have never been the cool phone girl and I probably still won't be since I will most likely get the 0.96$ iphone but it will be cool to me. And I will be able to take pictures whenever and share them with you!

*Getting my hair cut - I am embarrassed to say that it has been almost a year. That my friends is beyond horrible. Our budget has not allowed it and so I have set dreaming about the day. It is almost here! Hopefully next month!

*Cutting Chloe (the dog's hair).  - Done and done. It was on the list to take her to the groomer but I got sick and tired of it and I did it myself three nights ago. Yes, she has several bald spots no it won't kill her or me. AND, bonus, it was FREE!

*Girls weekend - I have 3 dear friends who I love getting together with. Love being an understatement. Every few months we plan a time to get together. We don't plan it enough and when we are together the time flies by. I can't wait until this Saturday. It's been too long this time. Our group will be "splitting" in June for awhile so I want to take in every moment while I can. I love these ladies. They are the sisters I never had.

the big things...

* Spring Break Conference - We take a group of students to Colorado Springs (300 students) every spring break for a discipleship training conference. It is an intense week with a lot of information but it is also so refreshing too. I see God work in the hearts of students and each year I have been I have seen people come to know Him. I am aware of at least 3 lost students going this year and I can't wait to see what God does!

* Easter - I love Holidays and I love Easter. I can't wait to see my nieces hunt eggs and eat a great lunch with my families. Even more I can't wait to celebrate Christ Resurrection. Not that I have to wait but I love the time set aside to truly do that and the work that always takes place in my heart.

* Britt's Birthday - I love celebrating life and what a better life to celebrate!

* Spring Banquet. Our last end of the year celebration with the students. A time to honor the seniors in our ministry.

* Ending my job - This is bitter sweet. I am excited about this new chapter in life and I am scared at the same time. In our two years of support raising we have always had my income to back up on. We are giving that up now and taking a pay cut. I am trusting, trusting God, or at least working on it. It has been a stretch for me but I am excited to see what He does!

* My Little brothers wedding. - That's weird to say out loud and type. He's getting married. That makes three of us down and one to go. Although, I hope my 16 year old brother has no intention of marrying anytime soon! haha

* My Birthday - It is close to when little man gets here but I plan to still celebrate! I LOVE birthdays! 

* Our Anniversary - Three years. Crazy!!!

* Drum roll please...... - He will be coming! 

Counting it down truly does help me. Finding the little and big things in-between. I can't wait to meet this little guy!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Craziness. February. Nesting.

I told someone recently that the month of February has been one of the craziest months we have had yet while working on staff at the Baptist Student Union. This is kind of funny because historically August is the most difficult with all the "coming back to school" activities. August is a cake walk compared to February. I don't know how it happened, it just did. Before February even hit it was totally booked. I mean totally!

I was sick last week. I got a brake. Not the kind I wanted. If you didn't know, being pregnant and getting sick on top of that is just plain horrible! I wanted to die. But not really.

I had free time this last Monday afternoon. Do you want to know what I did with that glorious, "it's been so long it's nice to see you!", "where have you been?" kind of free time????? Huh, huh? Do you want to know?

I cleaned our room.

Is it too early to stat nesting?

Nevertheless, it has begun. I can't clean out enough closets, cabinets and drawers. I am aching to get rid of things. Out with the old and in with the new! New being baby cloths, burp rags and bottles. But hey, I would take that any day!

So now. It is February 29th (By the way, do Doctors factor in leap years when predicting your due date? This question has been driving me nuts!) and March is here like, tomorrow!

Hello March! Goodbye February. I really won't miss you.

March has it's own share of crazy but along with it there are a few free days thrown in there and I am elated! One day is going to be spent with dear friends which I am thrilled about! The other days, well... we will see what my nesting urge brings about. :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Men

It hit me today that I have two men in my life to share Valentines Day with! 

Man #1)

The man I married. The man I said forever to. The man I can't imagine my life without. 

Words cannot express how thankful I am for my husband, Britt. He is by far the best husband out there and I am not saying that out of obligation or for the sake of just saying it. I truly believe it with all my heart. I have never been so loved by anyone in my life and we are talking about the good and the bad days here. He is so consistent in the way that he loves, respects and cherishes me. His love is unconditional and he continually challenges me, and causes me to want to be a better wife for him. Happy Valentines Day baby! I love you!

Man # 2 (a.k.a. Little Man)

My little man. The guy whose face I have not even really seen has captured my heart completely. You never understand the type of love a parent has until you experience it. Even though he has yet to make his "official" appearance into this world he is very much so already a part of my life and I cannot imagine life without him. I cannot wait to see him, hold him and kiss his little cheeks. He has stolen my heart in every sense of the word. Happy Valentines Day Brightson James!

Signing off, 

One extremely blessed woman. 

Saturday, February 11, 2012


We had a retreat with our Leadership Team this past weekend. It was a great time to relax, fellowship, and get to know each other better!

 A Group Picture is always a must!        
  We did a low ropes course. The students really had a great time!

Most of the girls. They didn't want to hide the baby! haha

 Loved this picture!

 We did so man fun things that weekend! We truly love the students that we work with and feel so blessed to be able to invest in their lives!

On the way home we made a stop at Pops on Rt. 66! It was the perfect way to end a great weekend! 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Baby News

This week my baby is about 10 1/2 inches long. That is almost a foot people! He weighs about 1 pound. In the height to weight ratio I would say that seems a little off but I know they grow long before the bulk up. *fingers crossed, praying for a chubby baby* I LOVE chubby babies!

I have felt baby move on and off for the past 5 or 6 weeks. In the past 3 weeks I have felt consistent movement. It is more like flipping and tumbling. But in the last few says I have felt full on kicks! It has been so much fun! I can't really feel the kicks with my hand yet, only once, and of course anytime I try to let Britt feel baby boy stops kicking instantly. Already so stubborn. Like his father I am sure. ;) hehe...

I hit 21 weeks this past Saturday. Britt and I were commenting on how 21 seems like so much more than 20. It is past the halfway mark and 6 weeks away form the third trimester. (or 7 depending on how you calculate but I am going with 6.)

It continually amazes me how in love I am with this little man and I can hardly imagine the love I will feel when he is actually here.

Some more crazy things/milestones include:

* I love, and when I say love I mean I would truly marry, 7-11 Icees. *heaven*
* Call me crazy but I think that I am going to use cloth diapers. Fuzzibunz looks like it may be the brand. It will be a $200-$300 investment but they are a one size diaper I can use on multiple kids. The savings will be in the thousands!! And the more I read about them the less time consuming and gross it is. Cloth has come a long way!
* I look pregnant. It is so much fun! I need to post a pic!
* I registered. Everyone goes crazy over little girl clothes but let me just say there is some stinkin' cute little boy things out there!
* Note: While registering I had a bonding moment with another mom. Pregnant women get emotional over silly things like clothes. It was cute.

So, is it June 16th yet? :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Week

So many things have gone on in this past week I am not even sure where to start. My head is a mess with a brain just swishing around. Do you ever feel that way?

Friday the 27th - Britt and I are in staff meeting when we get a call - we thought Britt's dad was calling to tell us his grandfather passed away. We were surprised to hear that Britt's mom was in the Heart Hospital. We spend the rest of the day at the hospital. Britt's brother stays the night with us.

Saturday the 28th - We find out that it was not heart trouble. Praise the Lord! She goes home that afternoon. Britt's brother stays one more night. That evening through a serious of events and craziness (being up till 12am) the Lord begins to do a real work in Britt's brothers life. He is 13.

Sunday the 29th - We get a call at 6am. Britt's grandfather passed away. We go to church and pastor gives a great message. Britt's younger brother goes forward and gives his life to the Lord. An emotional day for sure. We spend a lot of the day with Britt's family and then we stay the night with my family.

Monday the 30th - Dr. Appointment for me. Shopping with my parent's, my Maw'Maw and Britt. Sometimes escaping it all is not a bad thing. Found out that Britt's other grandfather is having emergency heart surgery to put a pace make in Tuesday morning.

Tuesday the 31st - Work. Why can't you escape work on crazy weeks like this? Surgery goes well. We go to my older brothers house with several other couples to listen to a speaker talk about raising children. Home late. Bed.

Wednesday the 1st - Work. Clean house. Grocery shop. Britt's sisters come into town. One of them and her husband are staying with us. We actually go to bed a a decent time although I can't sleep. I am starving so I eat a bowl of cereal at 11. Bed.

Thursday today - Work till noon. Go grocery shopping for a retreat Britt and I are in charge of this weekend. Go see Britt's family. Go to a viewing of his grandfather.

Friday tomorrow - Go see the family, go to a lunch for the family, go to the funeral and graveside, jump in the car and leave for our retreat until Sunday afternoon.

Notes to self for today/this weekend:
- Take lots of deep breaths.
- Rely on the Lord knowing that His grace is sufficient and His joy is my strength.
- Remember what it means to celebrate a life well lived and that it is not goodbye.
- Be a support to my husband.
- Find the energy to give and invest where needed this weekend.
- Take more deep breaths and lean on my constant-one, Jesus Christ.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's A..........

If you didn't know.... It's a boy!!!

Brightson James Clay. Due to arrive June 16th.

Pictures form the party coming soon *cough, cough* Aunt Rachael *cough cough*. :)

In other news I am dead tired and going home early to take a nap.

Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

God's Leading in Our Life

‎"To change the world we must first change the way we see it; we must see it from a different perspective. A cultivated mind can see the universe in a falling leaf, an orchard in a seed, an ocean in a drop of water, eternity in a grain of sand. A cultivated mind produces more insight, possesses a richer sense of the world and enjoys a more attractive experience of reality." - Scripture By Heart - Joshua Choonmin Kang

Perspective.  Seeing things differently.

God has brought Britt and I on an incredible journey over the last 2 ½ years that we have been married. He has taken us places and we have looked around saying “God, why here?” only to see His perfect plan unfold, to see how he uses where we are to take us where He wants us. He is still doing that in our life and I don’t anticipate it stopping anytime soon.

Faithfulness.  Seeing God work through any circumstance.

The place God has brought us to for now is different than what I would have ever expected. If you asked me a year ago if we would be here I would look at you like you are crazy.

We are still, and continuing to, be at the OU BSU. That is a HUGE part of our life, and ministry. The biggest part in fact. But even through the big picture there are little details, circumstance, experience that truly make up the big picture. Without them the picture would be lacking.

Of course an obvious change to our BIG picture is parenthood. Wow! Will that change our lives? Truly I believe it will be only for the better. I cannot WAIT to hold my little man, my sweet Brightson James. A little guy that already amazes me and I have never even looked into his eyes. I cannot wait to look into those eye. Are they blue, brown, green, gray? I know they are beautiful.

Another change that many people don’t know about is our church. The body of saints that we are a part of. The place we go to be filled and to give equally.  God brought Britt and I to River Church when we were a little less than 2 months away from marriage. We joined right after we were married and we have loved it ever since. The people, the vision, the purpose of that church are incredible. God used River to bring us on staff at the BSU, He used River to give us dear friends for life, He used River to help us grow.

Over the past few months God has strongly laid on our heart the possibility of going somewhere else. We didn’t know why God was calling us here. In fact, we did not even anticipate it. But He was without a doubt calling and we could not ignore it. I love that we were able to leave River just as encouraged as when we came and just as much, if not more, in support of what they do. No hard feelings. No hurt. Just gratitude.

God has brought us to Western Hills Church. I grew up there. I honestly never thought I would go back. We hesitated as God was leading. Wondering if we were thinking these things just because our families go there. We were able to answer that our reason for going, although it is a perk, was not our families. Why then? Why would God lead us there?

In short, you should read the quote at the top of this page again. Over the last three years the way I see the world has changed. The way that this church, this body of beliers, sees the world has truly changed. People are coming to know the Lord, lives are forever being changed, discipleship is key.

 Those of you who are familiar with this church may know that at one time it was not always the most comfortable welcoming place. Now, I believe that anyone who walks through those doors is loved and not rejected. I brought a little girl from my neighborhood there last Sunday, she has hardly ever been in church, and she felt comfortable and loved. She was also taught truth. Truth from God’s word that I truly believe will not return void.  I anticipate what God will do in her life.

So now, we find ourselves in a place we did not think we would be, excited to be there and anticipating how God will use us. It has taught me to not quit. Don’t stop praying for the lost yes, but to not stop praying that we, the body of Christ, will truly catch the vision of disciple making and make it happen. Although in most cases it does not, it CAN happen in the local church.
River has this vision. Western Hills has this vision. I have this vision.

Do you?

Are you willing to change the way that you see the world? To see it the way that Jesus does? 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cast Your Vote

Britt and I will be going to the doctor tomorrow morning to find out if we are having a little boy or a little girl. The thing is that we won't actually find out then because the ultrasound technician will be writing it on a piece of paper and sealing it away in an envelope. We will then take said paper to my sister-in-love Rachael's house where she will make a cake. The inside will either be pink or blue depending on the result and we will cut into the cake Tuesday night with friends and family present to find out the gender!

The friends and family attending will come wearing pink or blue to cast their "vote" for the gender. Since all of the blogging world cannot come what is your vote?

The prize for guessing correctly? The pride of being right and my congratulations. :)

Happy voting!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A real post coming soon.... or at least before 2013

When I try to think of what to update two things cross my min
1.) I have not pictures
2.) I have no news.

However, that will be changing in the near, near future. We found out if baby Clay is a boy or girls THIS Tuesday! We are having a gender reveal party and I am sure to have pictures form that event as well. So excited!

There is a lot that is about to happen in our lives and so we are soaking in the “not so much” at the moment. The things that are happening right now are plumbing problems at the house, work, and a VERY messy house. I feel busy and overwhelmed but not by anything that would interest the blogger reader type.

I ask myself… How does Pioneer Woman do it? That lady can write a blog post about anything and nothing at the same time and I am sucked right into the madness. That talent ship sailed right past this lady.

I have a post coming at some point on what God is doing in Britt and my life but I am still thinking about how to write it all out and share it. I am excited to share it for sure but it’s just one of those things that need thought.

Unlike this post, I am sure you can tell by now that there was no thought put into it, and it really doesn’t have any significance.

Like I said, the ship sailed on by.

I will however leave you with this because it made me laugh:

Do you see the "problem"? :)