Friday, January 30, 2009

The Wrong Focus

I was driving home from work yesterday and something hit me. I honestly don’t even know what brought on this thought, but I was thinking….

You know, some people are always trying not to be too legalistic. They don’t want fence laws to get in the way of living their life. They don’t want boundaries that keep them from…. Name it.

Some people have set up many fence laws in their life. They use these to help live their life in the way that they feel is glorifying to God. They don’t want to look like the world. They need something to make them look more like….

The problem is that I am seeing more and more how both groups of people normally come to a place where one of these two goals becomes the only focus. They are so set on not setting boundaries, or by setting boundaries, that those things become the law in their life. The God in their life.

Don’t get me wrong. I have been on both ends of the spectrum. I can relate to both people. I am tired.

God’s purpose my friends was not that we would wrestle continually wondering if this is right, that is right, etc… That is why He gave us His Holy Spirit. That is why He told us to “Love the Lord Your God with all your heart, soul and mind and to Love your Neighbor as yourself.” That is why He stopped there. He did not say one single “And, But, or Unless.”

Fence Laws are important but don’t let them be your God. Not going over board is important but don’t go overboard with that. Don’t become so focused on one of these things that it becomes your only focus.

Be the person who walks on a daily basis to do what God is calling you to and not allow stupid things to detour you from what His plan is.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Well… Today will be my first day back at work since Monday afternoon. They had us leave around 1pm on Monday due to the freezing rain and ice. When I left my office to go out to my car the ground was a skating-rink. I got to my car and it was an ice cube. Thank the Lord my dad had come to help me and my friend Hannah as well. When I arrived at my car dad had dropped off Justin who was already starting to scrape my windshield. It took a little while but we finally got it. Since that afternoon I have not been working. I must say that I am really enjoying working for the state because I have been getting paid! :)

Today it is back to work. I am glad actually! I can only take a few days of nothingness before I start to go stir crazy! I do miss Britt though. He is stuck down in Norman and we can’t really get to each other. He has had all classes canceled as well. I am guessing that they will start classes back up tomorrow.

That is the exciting news around here for now. Oh! Did I mention that Saturday is a high of 60! That’s Oklahoma for you! :p

Monday, January 26, 2009

Zoom, Zoom!

I was listening to a sermon online and the pastor said:

“It is a choice to be lead by God’s Spirit rather then by our first thoughts or our emotions.”

That was good for me to hear. I think that I knew that but I forgot it or something. I knew that I needed to do that but I had forgotten that it was a choice.

The Schedule… Things are going good, busy but good! When people told me that the last 4 months of our engagement would go by quickly I really did believe them but I am now seeing just HOW quickly they will go! I was looking at my calendar today and February is packed full! March is filling up REALLY quickly and April is too!

The new Job… Is going really well! I really enjoy it! It is interesting, busy and exciting. I am excited that session will be starting next week. That will only make things more interesting and add to the excitement of it all.

Britt…. Is good! School is going to be crazy for him this year but I am really praying that he can really enjoy this last semester with school and the time/schedule that he has. You can pray for him because I know that May is going to be a lot of change at once for him. He is graduating College, getting a full time job (Lord willing! That is a whole other matter to pray about), and getting married! It is a lot of change! He is good at laughing about it and saying that he must really like to take change in really big steps. It is so good that he can laugh and joke about it but I do know that it will be difficult so please pray for him.

We… are learning more and more that this relationship is not about me or I but US! I am learning that the things I do no longer just affect me alone. It is hard to go from a single self-focus to a we self-focus. When I say single self-focus I don’t mean that being selfish, I just mean that we have been single for so long and once you get older and are working, at college, out o your own, etc… You really only have to really worry about yourself. That is changing very abruptly though. It is good though, I am learning a lot through it and I think Britt is too. We have been doing some marriage counseling with Odus Compton and he has been talking about oneness. It is not about giving 50/50 it is about me giving 100% no matter what Britt gives and Him giving 100% no matter what I give. I think the goal of seeing who can out serve the other would be good!

I guess that is all for now. I hope that you all have a great last week of January! (Crazy!)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Friends and their blog posts...

Today I realized something. I have wonderful friends. I mean, I have known this but recently I have not felt it. I only have a small handful of friends now. I mean, I have lots of friends but not FRIENDS! Not the girls you call up on the phone when things are hard, that you hang out with on the weekend, that you tell them things you would not tell the lady across the hall in your office. Two friends specifically come to mind that I REALLY been there for me these past few months. I am so grateful for them and their friendship. One of the two I have the privilege of working with now! God is so good to allow that! I needed it! In fact…I stole the rest of this post from her. ;)

1. What skill do you most want to learn this year?
How to be married 101! Haha!

2. What is one skill you already have that you’d like to improve this year?
Piano. I need to play more.

3. Name three books you most definitely want to read this year.
Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer – Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer – Re-read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin

4. In what specific area do you most want to encourage others?
That what God is calling us to is what we should purse with our whole heart. Even if that means going against the crowd that might try to tell you that you are wrong. Basically are #1 purpose is to purse Christ with all that we have and go WHEREVER he leads!

5. Think of one of your major life goals. What will you do this year to take you one step closer to reaching that goal?
Save money! Haha! How come all goals cost something?

6. What is one of your strengths? Think of some specific ways you can exercise it this year.
Relationships – Disciple others, Bible Study, Church, Friends. I think that I can be a positive influence on people and it is easy for me to be a friend.

7. What is one of your weaknesses? What are some ways you can overcome this deficiency?Thinking that I am always right. – I plan to listen when people are speaking and hear their point of view and REALLY take it into consideration. I am not always right and that is one thing I am right about. haha

9. Think of an important relationship. How will you nurture that relationship this year?
A listening ear, unconditional love, service, PRAYER.

10. Name a few ways your physical health could be improved.
- East less white flower.
- Exercise more. Fit it in no matter what!
- I have been drinking more water an less of…well…everything else! Haha… I need to keep doing that.

11. Name a few ways your financial health could be improved.
Saving! That is all that I should be doing right now. I am going to give myself a “fun” budget for each month but I need to stick to it and just SAVE, SAVE, SAVE the rest!

12. In what way do you most want to draw closer to God?
Being faithful in prayer. I mean that in the sense that it is a number one priority for me. I want to turn to Him in all times: Happy, sad, stressful, exciting. Confusing, even small.

13. Have you ever written a personal mission statement? If so, what would yours be for this year?
I've wrote things that could be considered a mission atatement but I think that as I change in life so does my mission statement. Here is what it “might” look like for this year: I am called to serve the Lord, no matter the cost. I pray that my life is a reflection of that love no matter the cost of that love. I want my life to be a reflection of Christ. May I truly Love God with all my heart and love others as myself. I know that I am called to be on the mission field. As I feel like I am waiting to “Go!” may I never forget that He has placed me in a unique mission field for now. Though it may not be on the other side of the world it is still a mission field. While I’m waiting – I will serve Him!

14. Name one specific thing you are doing this year to broaden your worldview.
Researching countries and their conditions. As I am praying about where God may direct Britt and I, I want a knowledge of the possibilities.

15. What is something that is continually undone in your life? What will you do to fully complete it this year?
My room. Not continually I guess but more than not. It has been so hard during this engagement process, it seems like it has become storage and I want my room to be an escape. I am going to find a place for all that stuff!

16. In what ways will you work to better the world around you?
Be a light at work. God has been showing me, in the few days here, how many do not know Him. What an opportunity!

17. What is one thing you’d like to accomplish by your birthday this year?
Have $$$$ a certain amount in my savings account. Oh! And have my wedding planned considering it is the day after my birthday. Haha!

18. What is one place you would like to visit this year?
Somewhere that is warm and sunny and there is water. I have learned this year, I am a summer girl!

19. What is your greatest hope for this year?
To draw closer to Christ. Despite all the new – Job, engagement, marriage, house, LIFE – I do not want to loose focus and take God off the “First Place” spot in my life.

20. Think of three words you’d like to describe your 2009.
Exciting – New – Scary

The End~

Monday, January 12, 2009

School. Job. Break In.

It has been too long. The space between this blog and my previous one is more than normal. Let me try to catch you up on life as quickly as possible...

First: Some of you might know that Britt was possibly going to have to take a summer class. Well, through a series of events and nothing more than Gods providential hand he will not have to! This, if you did not know, is VERY good news! :)

Second: I have been applying for a job as a Legislative Assistant at the State Capitol. I applied to b and LA for Representative Mark McCollough. I REALLY like him! I think that he will be great to work for. Well, I had to pass a typing test to get the job and for those of you who do not know me I hate test, especially timed test, and I normally do not do well on them. I took it and did not do well AT ALL. SO I went back and took it again and was one WPM away from what I needed. I guess the third time is the charm though because I am now an employee of the state and I am really looking forward to it!

Third: CRAZY! My younger brother Justin was at home alone today in the living room working on school... While he was studying someone came to the front door and rang the bell. He peaked out the curtain but decided since he did not know them he would not answer. However, he noticed that they were walking towards the garage. This made him suspicious so he ran to the living room and closed the curtains. He was peering out the curtain and noticed that Jonathan's bedroom door was open. For those of you who do not know Jonathan's room is detached from our house. At this point Justin was on the phone with my dad and he told him the things that he saw. As he was talking with my dad he saw the same man come out of Jonathan's room!!! My dad told Justin to call 911. Justin ran back to my parents room and locked the door and called 911. As he was back there he heard the back screen open and apparently the man kicked in the back door. We think that he heard Justin on the phone or something and so he left! It was so scary though and I felt so sorry for Justin. You feel so violated when someone breaks into your home. We now have witnesses who said they saw this man sitting in a car out in the street earlier today. Apparently he saw me and dad leaving or work and later saw mom leave. We think that he thought everyone was gone but obviously he was wrong. I am so grateful for Gods protection over Justin. The police have had a few problems near our neighborhood and have been watching but they are now going to move into our neighborhood and watch and asked that if we see anything suspicious at all to call them. It almost made we want to move but I know that no matter where we are this could happen, even in the nicest of neighborhoods. I am just reminded of who my protector is and that He is in control.

Well...after that I don't think I can top much! Britt and I are doing well. Britt start school next week and I start my job tomorrow so things are getting really busy again. Wedding planning has picked up but it is going really well. I am really starting to get excited! We are now 4 1/2 months away!

Blessings to you all!