Monday, January 17, 2011

Day Trip to Dallas

 Britt, my friend Rachel and myself took a day trip to Dallas this last Saturday. Our purpose was to go and see my friend Amy, her husband Jon and their daughter Ella (who has a heart condition and had just had her third open heart surgery.) It was WONDERFUL to get to see them since they have had to stay at home the last five months and not see anyone to protect Ella from getting sick (She can't get sick with her condition).

Of course while we were down there we went to the Grapevine outlet mall, ate some Chinese food and also visited the biggest Salvation Army I have ever seen. (Yes, I like salvation Army).

-Apparently I am trying to see how many times I can use parentheses in this post. :)

 Here I am, excited to be on the road! Even if it was only for a day I was happy to be going somewhere!

 Group photo!

 Getting Closer!

I was bored. And attempting to be "artsy". :) 

   Texas! I put an exlamation point because:
1.) We were there.
2.) They have nice malls
3.).....I will get back to you on this one....

 See. Smelling Texas. Not cool. 

We thought this was pretty funny!

 Rachel and I! 

Another group photo!  We are thankful for Britt's long arms.
Just one of the many reasons I married him. :) haha

 O.K.L.A.H.O.M.A. OK! 

I don't have to plug my nose for this state line crossing.  

   Classic looking Oklahoma.
And THIS is how I knew that we were really almost home.... :p

We really had a fun time. It was a quick trip but we enjoyed the new sites, going somewhere different and seeing Amy, Jon and Ella. So thankful for the miricle that she is! If you don't know her story you should check out her Blog Here.  

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ella Dawn

It just take a moment to stop and pray for this beautiful Little Girl. 

Will you give two minutes for this?


Monday, January 10, 2011

Faithful and the Same

He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

I keep reminding myself of this ever comforting truth. I am so thankful that even when things in life are crazy and feel as though they are changing more quickly than I can handle I can remind myself that HE never changes.

This past year, 2010, could be marked as a “dark” year for me. Many people would ask, “Where was God?” I don’t want to think of 2010 like that. When I think of 2010 I want to remember that He is always the same. He is faithful.

Just within the past few weeks I had my grandmother break her arm in 2 places, a dear friend’s grandmother passed away, my cousin who was only 46 dies unexpectedly. That could be enough to make someone question Gods faithfulness. However, I believe that such a reaction would be faithless.

I want to be like Job. I want to say, “The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. BLESSED be the name of the Lord.”

I want to be like Abraham and what he was called in Hebrews. Righteous. Why was he called righteous? Because his FAITH was credited to him as righteousness. I want that kind of faith.

There are so many things in this life that I do not understand. Why would my dad almost die and then live to never be the same. Why would a sweet, perfect looking baby girl be born with a horrible heart condition? Why would the elderly loose their ability to think and do for their own and still live? Why would a family loose their father without even being able to say goodbye? Why? The thing is that I don’t know and if I did faith would be unnecessary.

We cannot even begin to know the thoughts of our creator but we are promised that He is always the same. We are promised that He is always faithful. We are promised that all things work for our good.

THAT is something that I can put my faith in.

Friday, January 7, 2011

A Tour of our Home...

I know it has been a long time coming but I am finally posting pictures of our new home. We moved in this past November and we are loving every moment of being here. I most definitely feels like home.   

Come on in!....

View walking inside... (Hi Britt!)

Entering the kitchen...

The kitchen!

 More of the kitchen....

And some more...

Guest bedroom (Still a work in progress but coming)...


Some of my projects...

I painted this shelf. It was black iron. This doll was my grandma's doll when she was a little girl.

This is a random assortment of frames that I took the glass and backs out of and painted white. The lamp is an old lamp from a garage sale that I bought a new shade for.

This mirror was a goldish bronze color that I painted white.

The hall...

The door to the right is the "third bedroom". We have not done anything to this room yet.

Hall looking at the bathroom and our bedroom...


And more...

Hall from the bedroom....

Living room from the hall...

More of the living room...


A little more....

And some more! :)

Thanks for "visiting" our home! :) We are so thankful for the Lord's provision through this home and we can't wait to use it to serve Him. Hope you enjoyed "the tour". :)