Monday, April 1, 2013

My Little Man

Little Man - You are 10 months old. Hold the phone - that is just way to crazy! You have now been out of my tummy longer than you were in it. You are approaching one year old so fast! Where does the time go? Everyone says it will get faster and I know I have to believe them but please stop growing so fast! :) 

Here are a few fun things about you: 

You have two teeth and are working on two more. 

You could live without your bottle, unlike most babies it's not your favorite, you want the real thing! 
You are crazy long! Clothes "fit" everywhere but not in length so up a size we go! 

You LOVE, and when I say love I mean REALLY LOVE, the song Liberty by Shane and Shane. It is often my salvation when you are cranky. 

You also LOVE t.v. waaaay too much. I have to limit how much you can watch. You will watch anything and everything. 

You are starting to learn to like solid food although you love anything mashed up! 
You roll and scoot like a wild man but no crawling for you yet. I think one day you may surprise me and just walk! You love to be on your feet. 

You are a super chill baby. I have a feeling you may not get that trait from your mamma. ;) 

You sleep between 10.5 and 11.5 hours at night. I love you for that. :) 

You say dada, wave hello and bye-bye and give high fives! I think you are pretty talented! And the other day you said Bye-Bye but I have not been able to get you to do it again. 

You can sign "All done" and we are working on "more". That one is a little more tricky. 

You LOVE bath time and it is my salvation in the evening! 

You are growing. Two months ago you couldn't do most of these things. It is amazing to me how quickly you change and learn. I am trying to soak it in. It happens so fast! You are one of the most loved little boys I know. Between mom and dad, grandparents, uncles and aunts, your adoring little cousins (Katherine really loves you and coos over you!) and ALL of the college students who think you are pretty cool - You have a great life and a lot of people who love you. As much as I want time to slow down I can't wait to see what kind of boy, young man, and than man you will turn into. I hope that you have your dads compassion and love for people and his selfless heart. I hope that you are clam and chill like he is. He is stable - I love that about him. I also hope that you have a daring wild side like mom. I hope that you love adventure and change like I do. Lets go on lots of adventure together! More than anything I pray that you will come to know Jesus at an early age. Life with Him is the most exciting adventure of all. As much as you are loved by people here His love for you blows that kind of love away! I hope that you experience that love soon and all the days of your life. 

Your my favorite little boy and you are loved!