Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Welcome to the new blog. I (Lauren) will probably be the one updating this. I wanted to have a place though where you can keep up with Britt and my life. I will be posting on this blog from now on. (So make sure you add us to your blog list!) ;)

If I was to give you an update right now I would say that life is pretty good. Wedding plans are coming along and we are looking more and more forward to "The Big Day". I do have to remind myself that I am not only preparing for the "day" but more importantly for a lifetime together.

We are just now approaching 7 months away. I guess if I had to be exact I would tell you that we are 7 months and 8 days away. I have decided that I will start the "Day Countdown" December 31st. The reason being that when December 31st is here we will be 150 days away form the wedding. Britt was telling me about a couple that he knows and how when they were 150 days out from their wedding they starting reading the book of Psalms backwards starting with Chapter 150 and read one chapter for each day leading up to their wedding. I thought that was a really cool idea so I am going to do it for sure and I am going to try and get Britt to do it with me as well.

Life for us right now is really good. We are both praying about some decisions that we need to make. When I can I will update you on those. If you can't wait then you can always shoot me a personal email or give me a call.

God is so good to direct our path and where we should go. I am learning more and more that my trust must always remain in Him. It can be easy and tempting to only rely on Britt and lean on him but I must remember that he is human. Yes, when we are married he will become my God ordained provider but it is the God that ordained this that will direct and ultimately provide. My Heavenly Father will never fail me or let me down. He is the one that I can always place my completely trust and confidence in. I am learning that when Britt and I together place this trust in God it only brings us closer as a couple. The way that God designed marriage is so amazing to me. I truly hurt for the couples that are missing the most important piece of their marriage, Jesus Christ.

Well, I better run for now but I will try to update on a regular basis. Thanks for visiting the new site and I hope that you enjoy.



Amy said...

Hi, made of honor here :) I just wanted to say, I'm the first comment.

britt said...

I didn't even know this existed! If Lauren told me, I totally zoned out or something. I have got to work on that.