Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I hate waiting but I love watermelon!

Waiting.... It is no fun at all. I always feel as if once I am finished waiting on something that will be it, no more waiting. But that is not true. Life is full of waiting, and patience, and trusting, and....

I have a job and I am so grateful that the Lord provided something. We need the money and it is a blessing. It is difficult though. It is not where I want to be but for right now it is where God has me. I don't understand it and right now, try as I may, I can't see why. God is faithful but often in my human mind He just does not make sense. I have to remind myself that His ways are not our ways.

A blog that I read resolved2worship.xanga.com/ really encouraged me. She said in her post -

“...just because the path is bumpy doesn't mean that you are on the wrong road.”

That was good for me to read. Right now, when it comes to work, I often feel like I am on the wrong road, like I made a bad decision along the way somewhere but that is not always true.

Last night our pastor was talking about difficult times and God's Goodness. He said that God never has us walk through something “just because”. He always has a purpose, something for us, to teach us or maybe to bring glory to Himself. It is never “Just because” though.

I was talking to a friend and I told her that I feel like I am being punished. She reminded me that discipline is different then punishment. I am being shaped, molded and formed more into the image of Christ.

Are you getting the point? I know that I am! Sometimes it seems like God has to scream things to me before I get it. Is it still hard? YES! Do I still feel like I want to throw my hands up and quit? YES! But the thing is that even though the road is bumpy I am not in the wrong place. Even though it is hard, God does not have me here “just because”. Even though it may feel like punishment, that doesn't mean it is.

God is teaching me, molding me, and it hurts but I know it will be worth it.

Enough about just me....

Married life is, how can I say this, AMAZING! Seriously! I am loving it! Today marks one month since we have been married!!!! I can hardly believe that! Time has gone by SO quickly.
Britt is doing well... He is still looking for a job. The lead that he thought he had looks like it fell through. It was a bit of a disappointment for both of us but we know that God has a place for Him.

We were talking last night about our first month of marriage. Looking at how it has gone, what had been good and if there is anything we need to change/work on. We both agreed that the only obstacle we have really faced is job situations and with that comes financial worries. We both also agreed that God is just wanting to teach us to Trust Him more. It is hard sometimes but I know that He is our provider and that He has always provided. Why wouldn't he now?

I am so grateful for Britt and the ways that he directs me to the Lord. Just like that talk last night, it was so good. I am blessed beyond what I deserve!

I guess other news is that we joined River Church here in Norman. We are so excited about that and really believe that we are where God wants us to be! Tonight is our Community Group. I think that we are really going to enjoy this aspect of the church. The couple that leads our group are as sweet as they can be!

Other than that we are just adjusting to this new life. Seriously, that is what is feels like, a new life. The apartment is decorated and looking good! I need to post some pictures of it, I am just waiting to get a few more things up before I do that. Hopefully it will be soon. (haha – we will see)

Well, this has been a long post so I better stop here. If you are still reading I am impressed. Happy Tuesday to you all! I get a short week at work for the holiday (Friday off) and if you work I hope you do too!

4th of July people! *Yeah for Watermelon*


L.s.R said...

I read that post by Alyssa too and it encouraged me a lot! Amazing how our circumstances are different, but I feel like I am going through the same things you are...waiting, trusting, learning that God's plan is far bigger and better than I ever could dream...yeah for 4 day weekends! :)

Free-To-Fly said...

Thanks Lo, that was good for me. and I LOVE Jimmy Needham!!! I just bought his CD, so that combined with the post has made this a good day....so thanks :)

brittandlauren said...

Anytime! :) haha