Wednesday, April 20, 2011

the faith to let go

A few weeks ago Britt and I were riding in the car and we were listening to the Prince of Egypt sound track. We both love soundtracks and especially that one. The song "Hush Now My Baby" came on. It is a song where Moses' mother places him in the river in an attempt to save his life from this massive murders of babies that was taking place.

As we were driving down the road tears came down my face as I thought of the love that mother had. Yes, love for her child but even greater a love for the Lord. The faith that she took hold of puts my faith to shame. She held on to the hope of what she KNEW God could do. When I am asked to let go of things, not even close to the importance of my own child, I cling to them so tightly afraid of what will happen if I let go.

This woman's faith struck me hard. It told me of the freedom and reward that comes from letting go. She didn't see the result for years. Moses was the one who came to deliver her and her people but she waiting for many years. If I don't see results will I still trust? If I don't understand why or what God is doing will I still let go? I know that I want to. I want her kind of faith.

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