Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Luau - Denver, CO [part 4]

We had a Luau Party for the students this past weekend. It was an opportunity for them to fellowship with each other as well as have an event that they could invite their coworkers to. We had several students bring guest who were lost and it was exciting to see them minister to them! It was just a really great evening with lots of fun. By the time the night was over my feet were killing me but it was totally worth it!

 Makinze and Heather.

 Collin and Crash "Ryan". 

 The guy leaders did a skip for us.  

 Lots of people and lots of food! 

  Phone and Josh. Their outfits were cracking me up!       

 These three should have won some kind of an award for the three craziest shirts!  

   Joe and Derek. And Derek's chicken finger.    

   Joe and Britt.   

   Ricky and Jessy.  

Britt and I.

One thing that I do not have pictures of is at the end all of the staff and leaders attacked everyone else with water baloons! (We had 500!) Since I was a part of the attack I decided to place my camera inside to keep it safe. :)

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