Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Luau - Denver, CO [part 4]

We had a Luau Party for the students this past weekend. It was an opportunity for them to fellowship with each other as well as have an event that they could invite their coworkers to. We had several students bring guest who were lost and it was exciting to see them minister to them! It was just a really great evening with lots of fun. By the time the night was over my feet were killing me but it was totally worth it!

 Makinze and Heather.

 Collin and Crash "Ryan". 

 The guy leaders did a skip for us.  

 Lots of people and lots of food! 

  Phone and Josh. Their outfits were cracking me up!       

 These three should have won some kind of an award for the three craziest shirts!  

   Joe and Derek. And Derek's chicken finger.    

   Joe and Britt.   

   Ricky and Jessy.  

Britt and I.

One thing that I do not have pictures of is at the end all of the staff and leaders attacked everyone else with water baloons! (We had 500!) Since I was a part of the attack I decided to place my camera inside to keep it safe. :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Playing Catch Up - Denver, CO [part 3]

Here is a little update on some things that have been going on.

   They surprised me with a birthday party the first week we were here. It was so much fun!

 The cupcakes were so cute!! 

  Job searching. Sitting in the food court at the mall filling out applications. 

  Making new friends! 

  Notice the mirror man! 

  This guy would be totally still until you put some money in his bucket and then he would dance and sing. 

  On our ladies retreat weekend we went to Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, CO. It was so much fun!

We are loving every moment here. At the moment we are a little tired but it has been so good. We have really been able to build some good relationships with students and already we have had opportunities to speak truth into their lives. God is really working!

Several students still need jobs by this Friday so please continue to pray that God will provide and that they will continue working hard. As you can imagine it is difficult for them at this point to not get discouraged but we are just trying to remind them that God is faithful to provide for our needs and he is in control.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Denver Colorado [second update]

Things that I have learned about Denver:

- It is not humid and you don't get as "sticky". PLUS!
- Most people don't put cheese on their hot dogs.
- You are a whole lot closer to the sun and you burn a lot easier.
 I think it has something to do with the thin air too.
- The air is thin and even when you think you are used to it you may not be.

These are just a few of my lessons here in Denver.

As far as student work things are going great! 22 of the 44 students have jobs which is great considering the fact that they have only been job hunting 3 days so far. Please pray that the other 22 will find jobs soon!

We are starting to kick off the teaching a evening events. A big part of my "job" this week will be planning a ladies retreat for all of the girls this weekend. It should be a great time of fun and fellowship as well as digging in the word together.

This last Saturday was a "free" day in a sense. All of the students had things planned so Britt and I went to downtown Denver with one of the staff families. We were searching out free things to do. I am SOOO sad I forgot my camera but I snagged a few pictures off of the Internet.

This is a park in downtown Denver. You can get in this River and ride the rapids down on a tube or something like that. We did that and it was a blast! Freezing, but a blast! Britt was commenting on how we sure don't have anything like this in Oklahoma. That would be true.

We also went to 16th street mall. It is SO much fun and a really cool experience. It is literally on 16th street in Denver but it is blocked off so that only the tram (that you see in the picture) can drive and the rest is just shopping, dinning and entertainment.

We are loving it in Denver but most of all we are truly loving the opportunity to spend everyday with these students that we are growing to love more and more. It is a wonderful experience to do life-on-life with them in a setting like this. We appreciate all of your support and prayers more than you will ever know. God is so faithful to meet all of our needs and we truly feel the support of the body of Christ around us as we serve these college students and work to make an investment in their lives that will cause them to serve Christ more fully. We are so thankful that the Lord has given us this opportunity and we know apart from Him we can do nothing. Please continue to pray for us!