Sunday, November 11, 2012


Trusting God. Something that I desire to do with every fiber of my being and yet my flesh is continually battling me and saying to trust in it (myself) and not God. This battle is truly not against flesh and blood. This is a spiritual battle. One that I am determined to lean on God for. It's funny to think that I can't fully trust Him without Him. 

Right now I am trusting him with my future. My families future. This past week was difficult to say the least. From the Election to having to give away my little dog and everything in between. Some things seem so much bigger than others and yet they all require trust. Not trust in myself. Not trust in my husband. Not trust in my circumstances. Not trust in my success. Trust in my Savior - the only one who is faithful, steadfast, never changing, always there.

Britt and I are looking to buy a house right now. We have been at the renting game for 3 years now. It feels like it is time. It is a leap of faith on a lot of levels for me but we feel like it is the wise decision for our family. Once I get my mind used to an idea I can't help but just say, "Let's do this!" But just because we decided we are ready does not mean the right house has come along. We thought the perfect house came along and the day we went to make an offer it went under contract. Trust. God has something even better in mind for our family. I am excited to see how God will provide.

Working at trusting God. It's what's going on with me these days. Thankful that I don't have to work on it alone. The flesh is weak but the spirit is able. So thankful.

I feel like I can't leave you without some cuteness....

Oh, this little boy. He stirs up this desire of mine to trust the Lord more and more. I am completely aware that I cannot be the mom I need to be without fully trusting this little man to the Lord. It's a daily thing and I don't see that changing anytime soon. I am thankful for that though - Thankful that I have a need to daily surrender to my Lord. 


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