Monday, December 8, 2008

This, that and the other...

Top five things on my mind:

1.) I need to find a job.
2.) I need to finish Christmas shopping.
3.) I wish I was getting married tomorrow.
4.) It's a good thing I am not getting married tomorrow because I have a lot to do still!
5.) I am stressing too easily and that is not like me at all.

Well...I guess as you can see from above that I am still looking for a job. I have a few prospects but I am waiting to hear from them. Waiting....not something that I have mastered by any means. *sigh* I am learning (Again!) to just Trust God. Two things I am not good at: waiting and trusting when I "Think" that I can just take care of it myself.

As for the whole Christmas shopping...I got a little more done this morning and I should not have a whole lot more to do. *Yippie!* Can you believe that Christmas is only 16 days away. :0 I can hardly believe it! I am looking forward to it though! This will be a fun year! The Clays celebrate their "Christmas" as a family on Christmas Eve Morning and my family celebrates as a family Christmas Morning. So, it all works out rather nicely. I am going to spend time with the Clays during their celebration and Britt is coming to my families as well. I am looking forward to the time together more than anything. I can tell that I am getting older. First off I know what my gifts are and the only thing sad about it is the fact that it does not make me sad. The excitement of a surprise that came with being a kid left me. I still enjoy surprises but it is just not the same. Although...I don't know all of my gifts entirely which makes me happy. I don't know what Britt or really any of his family is getting me.

I had a lot of fun shopping for Britt this year. Really for everyone. I think that the only time that I have wished I was really rich was when I was wanting to buy people gifts. (or pay
the bills" haha) But really, I love buying things for people! It makes my day!

Well...I am rambling now....As for what is going on, not a whole lot new I guess. Pray for Britt during these last two weeks of school. I know that it is going to be challenging and probably a Little tiring.

That is all for now. Merry Christmas to you all!

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