Friday, December 12, 2008

You don't really know me...

Do you ever feel like people don’t really know you? I mean, you want to be real and you want to be yourself but you feel as though you will not be excepted, or you will ne made fun of, or judge if you were to be YOU.

I hate it when people look at other people and automatically assume something about them. I can count several times that I know of that people thought I was stuck up and when they finally got to know me they said they were wrong. I have honestly spent too much time trying to figure out why they thought I was stuck up and wanted to fix it so that it would not happen again. But when I asked them why they thought that…one person said because I talked a lot, another said I did not say anything, someone even once told me because of my hair and the way I fix it…! Seriously!?!

Sometimes I feel so judged my people around me. I want to march up to some of these people, look them in the eye and say, “You don’t really know me!”

If you knew me:
You would see that I desire close friendship.
You would know that even though I am engaged I still want you to come and site by me, or talk to me. I do not shun the world because of it.
You would realize that I have done some really stupid things that I am not proud of. I just hide it well…like you.
I put on an act too often.
I have a certain way that I laugh or smile when I am trying not to cry.
I love corny movies.
I hate olives.
I can never remember singing artists/movie actors name or the titles of songs.
I desire to be accepted.
If you really knew me…You would probably not judge me.

The truth is…if I really knew you, then I would do the same. I believe that we judge people when we are just as if not more guilty of the same things. I jump to conclusions that people probably really don’t love God. Then I realize that I don’t love Him like I should and I neglect Him too often.

So…before you look at me and you judge me think about yourself. I know that sounds funny, to “think about yourself”, but the truth is we are to “love our neighbor as ourselves.” So, how would you like to be loved?

Do I really know you?


Amy said...

hey that was so true! I know what you mean about the whole "just because you are getting married doesn't mean you don't want people to sit with you and talk!" I felt the same way! Oh, and you know what I used to think of you! lol People are so judgemental! Including me from time to time, anyway great post!

Beth said...

I can't ever remember the names of movie actors, singers or the titles of songs either. People just don't understand how I can just have no idea when it comes to that kind of stuff.

But, I totally understand what you are talking about, and I know that I am guilty of judging others at times as well. But, just so you know, I have never thought that you were stuck up! I have actually always thought that you are pretty down-to-earth!

megan said...

Hey Lauren! I got a blog! check it out sometime! :)