Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Too long

Too long.

That's what it has been. I have never been a good, consistent blog writer. I go through seasons, some seasons are much, much longer than others but nevertheless the season comes to an end.


It has been one really long off-season.

So here I am. Back trying the whole blogging thing again and not going to even bother trying to "catch up". It's just been that long.

I am overwhelmingly excited about the coming weekend!

You might be thinking it's because of the upcoming OU game. Although that is great the answer is - no.

Maybe because of the nicer weather we are having. Once again - no.

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Partly CloudyPartly CloudyPartly CloudyIsolated T-StormsScattered T-Storms
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Chance of Rain:

The reason I am thrilled because our trip to the lake was cancelled! Now, that in itself was not the exciting news. I am somewhat sad that we cannot go, and will miss spending the weekend with Britt's family. But because of the recent cancellation I have a weekend now full of basically NOTHING! We are going to watch the game at my parents on Saturday and that is about it.

So happy. :)

I hope to come with a great update for my said weekend. I imagine it will include watching a movie. Reading a book. Doing some yard work (I like yard work). And maybe buying a pumpkin or two.

In closing news. Check out this cute face!

my brand-spankin'-new nephew who is pretty darn cute if you ask me. This weekend will also include some holding of this kid.

Happy sigh. :)


lifeencapsulated said...

Yay! You're back! :) I totally understand the "off seasons"... I am excited about this weekend, too, for the same reason. And your new nephew is very, very handsome and totally adorable!

JG said...

I love lazy weekends! :) And your nephew is a doll!!