Thursday, January 12, 2012

A real post coming soon.... or at least before 2013

When I try to think of what to update two things cross my min
1.) I have not pictures
2.) I have no news.

However, that will be changing in the near, near future. We found out if baby Clay is a boy or girls THIS Tuesday! We are having a gender reveal party and I am sure to have pictures form that event as well. So excited!

There is a lot that is about to happen in our lives and so we are soaking in the “not so much” at the moment. The things that are happening right now are plumbing problems at the house, work, and a VERY messy house. I feel busy and overwhelmed but not by anything that would interest the blogger reader type.

I ask myself… How does Pioneer Woman do it? That lady can write a blog post about anything and nothing at the same time and I am sucked right into the madness. That talent ship sailed right past this lady.

I have a post coming at some point on what God is doing in Britt and my life but I am still thinking about how to write it all out and share it. I am excited to share it for sure but it’s just one of those things that need thought.

Unlike this post, I am sure you can tell by now that there was no thought put into it, and it really doesn’t have any significance.

Like I said, the ship sailed on by.

I will however leave you with this because it made me laugh:

Do you see the "problem"? :)

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JG said...

Haha I saw that pic on facebook somewhere. Too funny. :) Understandable mistake, though. (I'd make a comment about how they probably didn't have a stock of OSU logo for obvious reasons...but that would be catty...)

Can't wait to hear news on all fronts! I love gender reveal parties!