Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Whirlwind

I know, it's not even Christmas yet - What could possibly cause a whirlwind?

You see, Britt's family has a tradition of opening their gifts on Christmas Eve Morning. Why? Because they can of course. Britt and I always stay the night before and this year to be adventuresome and to stay the two nights before.

Yesterday evening we got a call from Britt's sister saying that her husband had been suddenly deployed and it gave her and the kiddos less that one hour to really say goodbye and no chance to be able to open gifts and celebrate together. It was quite tragic and just exactly the opposite way that anyone would want to spend Christmas.

Needless to say without hesitation plans were made to get her and her four little ones here by tonight! That may seem like no big deal to you except for the fact that she lives about 16 hours from here! So she spent yesterday evening packing and left her house by about 5am. Britt's dad, mom and younger sister got in the car at 3am this morning and started driving to meet her and help her get the rest of the way here.

We are now expecting them in a few hours. It it is so bitter sweet. We are so excited to see them but we just feel awful about the turn of advents that led us here. Our goal is, despite the circumstances, to make this a wonderful Christmas for her and the kids.

I spent the day, along with Britt and his little brother, cleaning the house and shopping as we prepare for their arrival. Cleaning someone else's house is always more fun than cleaning your own. ;)

All of this makes me thankful beyond words for family. But even more than that, at this moment, thankful beyond words for men like Britt's brother-n-law who truly has, and does, sacrifice so much for our country. It's also made me think of the MANY families who are unable to spend Christmas together.

So that leaves me thankful beyond words.

Merry Christmas!

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