Monday, January 26, 2009

Zoom, Zoom!

I was listening to a sermon online and the pastor said:

“It is a choice to be lead by God’s Spirit rather then by our first thoughts or our emotions.”

That was good for me to hear. I think that I knew that but I forgot it or something. I knew that I needed to do that but I had forgotten that it was a choice.

The Schedule… Things are going good, busy but good! When people told me that the last 4 months of our engagement would go by quickly I really did believe them but I am now seeing just HOW quickly they will go! I was looking at my calendar today and February is packed full! March is filling up REALLY quickly and April is too!

The new Job… Is going really well! I really enjoy it! It is interesting, busy and exciting. I am excited that session will be starting next week. That will only make things more interesting and add to the excitement of it all.

Britt…. Is good! School is going to be crazy for him this year but I am really praying that he can really enjoy this last semester with school and the time/schedule that he has. You can pray for him because I know that May is going to be a lot of change at once for him. He is graduating College, getting a full time job (Lord willing! That is a whole other matter to pray about), and getting married! It is a lot of change! He is good at laughing about it and saying that he must really like to take change in really big steps. It is so good that he can laugh and joke about it but I do know that it will be difficult so please pray for him.

We… are learning more and more that this relationship is not about me or I but US! I am learning that the things I do no longer just affect me alone. It is hard to go from a single self-focus to a we self-focus. When I say single self-focus I don’t mean that being selfish, I just mean that we have been single for so long and once you get older and are working, at college, out o your own, etc… You really only have to really worry about yourself. That is changing very abruptly though. It is good though, I am learning a lot through it and I think Britt is too. We have been doing some marriage counseling with Odus Compton and he has been talking about oneness. It is not about giving 50/50 it is about me giving 100% no matter what Britt gives and Him giving 100% no matter what I give. I think the goal of seeing who can out serve the other would be good!

I guess that is all for now. I hope that you all have a great last week of January! (Crazy!)


blake c. said...

nice :) i love how britt has to give a thousand more percent than you do lol.....jk ;)

Britt and Lauren said...

HAHA! Fixing that...

John and Becky Henderson said...

Learning to be "we" minded takes time and conscious effort. I think John and I are still learning to do this....but it gets better and sweeter all the time!