Monday, January 12, 2009

School. Job. Break In.

It has been too long. The space between this blog and my previous one is more than normal. Let me try to catch you up on life as quickly as possible...

First: Some of you might know that Britt was possibly going to have to take a summer class. Well, through a series of events and nothing more than Gods providential hand he will not have to! This, if you did not know, is VERY good news! :)

Second: I have been applying for a job as a Legislative Assistant at the State Capitol. I applied to b and LA for Representative Mark McCollough. I REALLY like him! I think that he will be great to work for. Well, I had to pass a typing test to get the job and for those of you who do not know me I hate test, especially timed test, and I normally do not do well on them. I took it and did not do well AT ALL. SO I went back and took it again and was one WPM away from what I needed. I guess the third time is the charm though because I am now an employee of the state and I am really looking forward to it!

Third: CRAZY! My younger brother Justin was at home alone today in the living room working on school... While he was studying someone came to the front door and rang the bell. He peaked out the curtain but decided since he did not know them he would not answer. However, he noticed that they were walking towards the garage. This made him suspicious so he ran to the living room and closed the curtains. He was peering out the curtain and noticed that Jonathan's bedroom door was open. For those of you who do not know Jonathan's room is detached from our house. At this point Justin was on the phone with my dad and he told him the things that he saw. As he was talking with my dad he saw the same man come out of Jonathan's room!!! My dad told Justin to call 911. Justin ran back to my parents room and locked the door and called 911. As he was back there he heard the back screen open and apparently the man kicked in the back door. We think that he heard Justin on the phone or something and so he left! It was so scary though and I felt so sorry for Justin. You feel so violated when someone breaks into your home. We now have witnesses who said they saw this man sitting in a car out in the street earlier today. Apparently he saw me and dad leaving or work and later saw mom leave. We think that he thought everyone was gone but obviously he was wrong. I am so grateful for Gods protection over Justin. The police have had a few problems near our neighborhood and have been watching but they are now going to move into our neighborhood and watch and asked that if we see anything suspicious at all to call them. It almost made we want to move but I know that no matter where we are this could happen, even in the nicest of neighborhoods. I am just reminded of who my protector is and that He is in control.

Well...after that I don't think I can top much! Britt and I are doing well. Britt start school next week and I start my job tomorrow so things are getting really busy again. Wedding planning has picked up but it is going really well. I am really starting to get excited! We are now 4 1/2 months away!

Blessings to you all!


John and Becky Henderson said...

Hey girlie, so excited about your job! That is awesome and sounds like a lot of fun!
Also, very thankful for God's protection over your have a very brave and smart little brother!
Lots of love, Becky

Beth said...

Praise the Lord for protecting your little brother. I can't imagine how scared he must have been, but he is a smart fellow.

Congrats on the new job!! Good luck as you start and may your paychecks be blessed!!!

Justin said...

I agree with them both completely. Your brother is a genius!!! \

Manny blessings!

DOT (Maria) said...

That's great to hear how Britt's school and your job all worked out.
Scarry! about the break in. So glad Justin is ok.