Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Birthday: To the man I love! <3

I few things that I love about you....

We have fun together....

We take every nice photos together... (haha)

I know that we will always be able to laugh together...

I know that you will always hold my hand...

You CAN be goofy with me... :)

You asked me to marry you!

You dance with me even though dancing is not your "thing".....

Here are a "few" more reasons... (Ok, maybe more than a few!)

50 Reasons why I love you Britt Clay!

1. You love God more than anything

2. You love ME next! :)

3. You are slow to anger

4. You are pure and have remained so

5. You are a gentleman

6. You are continually seeking the Lord

7. You want to learn new things

8. You have strong convictions

9. You are honest with me

10. I know that you will always be faithful to me

11. You are the first and only man I love.

12. You are very good looking! :)

13. You are strong! :)

14. You are merciful

15. The way that you look at me

16. The way you walk

17. You do things for me just because you know I love it!

18. Your eyes

19. You bring me flowers for no reason

20. The fact that I love you more everyday

21. The fact that I learn more about you everyday

22. You talk good about me to your friends

23. You call me everyday while I am at work to check on me and see how my day is going.

24. You bring out the best parts in me

25. You make up for my weaknesses

26. I know that you will be a WONDERFUL father

27. You love me no matter how I look that day

28. You love me when I am having a bad day

29. Your wisdom

30. That you know things about me that other people don’t and still loves me the most.

31. You are the best friend that I have ever had!

32. You are THE ONE for me, the one I have waited for.

33. You were without a doubt a gift from God.

34. You are quick to forgive me

35. I can be crazy around you

36. I would rather be with you more than anyone in the world!

37. You have big hands.

39. You call me babe and sweetheart

40. Throughout the day you randomly tell me that you love me.

41. You are a good listener

42. We can tell what the other is thinking

43. You love my brothers!

44. You try to understand the way I feel even when it is hard for you to see.

45. You go on walks with me.

46. You love talking about “When we go to San Antonio”. It is so cute!

47. You will always be there for me no matter what.

48. You do not worry about things that you cannot control.

49. You pray for me and for others.

50. You are the man that I am going to marry and spend the rest of my life with! :)

I love you Britt! Happy 23rd birthday!
PS - To our readers: If you did not see the post below then you should look at it! It is pictures from our wedding shower.