Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Time is flying and... is April 8. I don’t know why that is significant other than the fact that it is April and next month I am getting married!

I am so excited about so many things right now! Thanks to “The Wedding” that is bringing these exiting things!

1.) Our shower this Saturday. It is going to be fun! I am already cheating and looking online at what people are buying. It is so exciting and I know that we are going to feel SO blessed!
2.) May 2nd is another shower as well that is being hosted by First Southern. We feel double blessed that we have two showers!
3.) May 5th is my bridal shower. My matron of honor Amy has been so great and I am so grateful to her for doing this. It will be a lot of fun to get together with all the girls.
4.) May 8th I am taking my bridal portraits. That is going to make me SO ready for the wedding! Putting on that dress and getting all ready is going to make me want to just have the wedding that day! :)
5.) May 16th we get to move into our apartment. Well… We get to move our stuff and Britt is going to move in. haha… May 16th is also BRITT”S GRADUATION!!! I cannot even begin to tell you how ready I am for him to be done with school! I know that he is VERY ready too! AHHHH! It will be so nice!
6.) May 23 Beth and her kids as well as Becky will be coming to town! We were so blessed to be able to see Becky and John last month as well but it will have been a year since we have seen Beth and her kiddos. It will be so good to see them!
7.) That whole next week will be a blur I am sure as we prepare for the wedding and everything that will entail. Then…. After much planning and preparation…. After the sweat and tears… WE WILL GET MARRIED! *Exhaling long breath…* Yeah, I am ready!
8.) Then my friends we will be off to San Antonio on our honeymoon and as much as we love Oklahoma and everyone here I doubt we will think much about anything but each other which is just going to be WONDERFUL!

The fact that I can, in 8 points, talk about the upcoming events leading to the wedding is exciting alone! It is coming so quickly! I guess the fact that April 8 is significant is because I can’t believe it is already the 8th! Wasn’t yesterday March?!?! WOW!

Happy Wednesday to you all! :)


HR said...

*yay* So excited for you as you count down!

Beth said...

I can't wait to see you guys too!!! It has been too long since I have been to OK. The best part is, I will get to DRIVE really long flights by myself with three kiddos!

Anonymous said...

haha Happy APRIL to you too!! :) Time is flying - can't believe it! and Beth ^^ why is driving better? love ya lauren! :)