Monday, May 4, 2009


I feel like….
I always start my blogs now with how many days until the wedding. I can’t help it though! It is getting so close! 26 days! :) haha….

We had our second shower this past weekend. It was really good. We truly are blessed! My personal shower is tomorrow night and I am excited about that as well. It should be fun!

Britt has 2 more weeks of school! I can hardly believe it and I know that he really can’t! It is so crazy! He is happy about it. I think that if we were not getting married it would be more difficult for him but he has that to look forward to and I think that it helps.

We are still praying for jobs, one for Britt specifically. He has been looking at some positions at Hobby Lobby Corporate office and we are praying that something will possible come of that. It would be a great place for him to work!

I was thinking today about my birthday. It is coming up… It is actually the day before our wedding. I am sure that my birthday will get lost in the excitement of the wedding. I don’t find that to be a bad thing at all… I would WAY rather be getting married then celebrating my birthday. But…. At the same time I will be 21. It is exciting in a way! Most of my “Birthday gifts” our actually wedding things but if I could make a “Me only, Birthday wish list” this is what it would be….

-Wicked Tickets
-A Massage
-An ipod touch
-New Tennis shoes
-Gift Cards to: Target, Charlotte Russe and New York and Company.
-Tom’s Shoes
-Smash Box Photo Finish
-Bare Essentials gift card
-To go Swimming
-New Shorts

What is really at the top of my list though…getting married and a week all alone with Britt. Which… I will be getting! I am a happy blessed woman!!!

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