Monday, May 11, 2009

Things are still crazy!

Not that I expect them to be anything but crazy... haha. The wedding is 19 days away. It is so weird because I know that 19 days is not long at all but it still feels like the wedding will never come. I know of no other way to explain it.

We are both still praying for jobs. I have a few leads but leads is all that they are. I am praying that something will come of one of them but if nothing happens then that means that God has something else in mind. At church on Sunday morning pastor said "If you aren't trusting God you aren't obeying Him. The two cannot be separated." Let me just say, that was convicting for me.

Britt graduates this week! That is so amazingly, wonderful and crazy all at the same time! Pray for him as he is taking all of his finals! For those of you wondering about the graduation he has actually decided to not walk. He said that he would rather just do something with his family then sit through a 4 hour ceremony where they call his name once and that is it. So... Some of you may think that is great and others of you may think he is crazy but it is what he wants to do and I am just happy that he will be done! *Hallelujah!*

We move into our apartment this weekend! Well, we are moving our stuff and Britt is moving in. I keep telling people "We are moving in this weekend!" and they give me a funny look. haha...

I will try to take pictures. Maybe even some before and after shots. No promises though... haha...

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Ashley Brooke said...

so fun! can't wait to see your apartment! :)