Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mom and Dad are out of town... Britt and I are staying at their house to help out with things. We have been here since Wednesday and will stay until this coming Friday.
Safiya, a girl from Korea, came to Oklahoma to do a semester of school at SNU. School does not start until next week so she is staying with my family until then. That is the main reason Britt and I are here. To help out with things and to hang with Safiya until school starts.
Friday night Safiya when to the church with Jon and Nathan and they played a little basketball. She hurt her ankle. We thought she twisted it but learned this morning that it is actually a break. I will be taking her to the Dr. tomorrow. It is difficult to figure out where to take a national, to the Dr., who doe snot have insurance that works here in the US. It should be a good time. :P lol... I have asked a few people what they think I should do and got some good council. We will see what happens. Life is never boring around here, that is for sure.
Tonight is church. I love our church! We actually have service on Sunday night instead of Sunday morning. The Church we go to is new (2 and 1/2 years old) and when they first started the used another church building that did not have service on Sunday night so our church used it then. After moving from that building they decided to keep the same evening service time. It is so nice. It really makes Sunday feel like a day of rest. We also love the people there. It is a great place to be. We are also going to Tea Cafe' tonight after church!
I feel like I am rambling. Probably because I am. haha... But I also can because this is my blog. :) I will stop though. Hope you all had a great weekend!

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