Sunday, August 30, 2009

~Friday night out on the town with "The girls" for a dear friends 21st birthday!
~Saturday, Amazing weather!
~Saturday morning Grandy's breakfast
~Saturday Afternoon going to see Britt's family
~Saturday evening old friends lovely wedding
~Sunday, amazing weather!
~Sunday morning lazy morning
~Sunday afternoon Target, Sonic, NCSI, In Style Magazine and chocolate pudding
~Sunday evening Church and fellowship.
It has been a good weekend!

I start subbing tomorrow. I will sub at CHA 3 days this week.

Friday Britt and I leave along with Todd to go to St. Louis, MO for Labor Day weekend. We are really looking forward to that.

Hope you had a great weekend too and a great start to this new week!


JG said...

I didn't know you were subbing. That's exciting!

brittandlauren said...

Yeah - I am doing it for this semester and praying I can get back on at the capitol for the session again. We will see...