Thursday, August 27, 2009


Two of my friends, Hannah and Alisha, and myself went to downtown OKC for our third year in a row to go eat, be girls, laugh and have our ever famous "photo shoot". It was so much fun. My dear friend Hannah is super talented when it come to photography and she took some pictures of me and Alisha while we were downtown. I just love the way that some of them turned out.

Hannah is actually starting her photography business back up and she is specializing in "Girls". Her sister Lydia is teaming up with her and doing the make-up for the girls. The whole package: Pictures, clothing changes, a CD of your pic's edited and Make-over is $200. I don't know about you but I cannot find a price like that and get a package like that anywhere these days. You should really check it out!

Although Hannah specializes is "Girls" she is also willing to do couples. I know that as Christmas approaches I would consider something like that for sure for Britt and I. Everyone likes to receive a Christmas card in the mail with a pretty picture on it! ;)

So - If you are interested and have a facebook you should search "Life Encapsulated Photography" and become a fan. If you do not have a facebook and want more information then ask me or email Hannah at:

Now... take a look at these rockin' pictures she took! ;) hehe...

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