Monday, November 30, 2009

6 Months!

Today have I have been married for 6 months! I can hardly believe it. Time has really flown by. I was sitting in a chair with Britt the other day and my brother Jonathan looked at Britt and said, "If you were sitting with her like that 3 months ago I would have to hurt you." I laughed and informed Jon that we were married three months ago. He quickly replied with, "How long have you been married?!?" and when I told him almost 6 months he was very surprised. I think that it is surprising to most people. It seems like my wedding was MAYBE two months ago but not six by any means!

I am so thankful for the wonderful husband that God has blessed me with. Seriously people, he is amazing! He is so thoughtful and really cares about me and my feelings. He is so helpful around the house and such an encouragement to me. He is so fun to be with! I hate being away from him. I love sitting next to him. I love holding his hand. I don't think any of this will ever get old.

I am blessed!


Thanksgiving. What can I say? The first word that comes to mind is exhausting. Seriously. I am worn out! It was very "Go, Go Go!" and when it was over I felt like I might crash and burn. In fact, we ended up not going to church last night. We seriously thought we were going to fall over dead and I thought that might cause a scene at church. haha. So, we took some much needed rest.

That was Thanksgiving. Haha... It really was good though. I know I make it sound terrible. We are SO blessed to have so much family close by that we can celebrate with. I just don't want any more turkey for awhile!


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HR said...

Congrats to you both!!!! Hey, that means it's also our half birthdays ;) I think I'll be celebrating half birthdays until I'm 80...looking forward to Saturday!

brittandlauren said...

I love half birthdays! :)