Monday, November 16, 2009

Say what?

So - it hit me this morning. Next week is Thanksgiving which means that Christmas is practically here! haha. I have a lot of shopping, decorating and cooking to do! I did a little "Pre-Online shopping" this morning just getting some ideas and am getting closer to making a decision on what I will get Britt. Boys are hard to shop for! Can I get an amen from all my girls out there?

I just finished rearranging the living room to prepare for the Christmas Tree.
I also rearranged in a way that we can see our fireplace a little better.
Now to get the tree and the wood...


I woke up this morning and felt jipped. Someone forgot to tell me that it was going to be
"10 Below Way to Cold for What I Was Wearing" and I did not have time to change. So, I froze at work today and guess what? Joy of all joys I had car duty at the school I was subbing for.
Of course.


Still have not heard about the job at the capitol for those of you wondering. God is REALLY wanting to teach me some patience. I am starting to look for other positions though. Just pray with me for Gods best and his perfect place/timing.


Tonight is Britt's grandpa's birthday party. It will be really good to see everyone. We are not getting together until 7pm and I am starving right now. It's only 4pm.
I may have to do something about that....

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