Saturday, December 12, 2009


I always see the number 11.
I just looked at the clock and it is 2:11.

Yesterday I can remember seeing it at 10:11am, 3:11pm, 6:11pm and 10:11pm. People, this is not normal! I will go long periods of time without looking at my clock and then I will get a phone call, a text or even just look at my phone and it will be "something eleven'.
Sometimes I will be at home, cleaning, cooking, on the computer and then look at the clock and it is once again "something eleven".
I told Britt that I am pretty sure my time of death will be 11:11.11.
Possibly on November 11th. Agh!


Growing up is fun because you don't have to do what your parents say anymore.
That is fun, right? haha...
Sometimes I hate it because instead of someone telling me what to do and me having to do it, I STILL have to do it and all I get to do now is add the extra step of telling myself to do it! haha


I know, this post has been random.
For whatever reason you are getting pieces of what is floating around in my head.


Last night Britt and I went to Chickasha to see the Christmas lights. So fun!
We had such a great time. I love that man and spending time with him!
(Pictures coming soon!) :)


Happy Saturday to you all!
Do a little of nothing today. :)


Beth said...

nathan's comment...I wonder how many children you are going to have? 11, by chance??? BTW, it is now 11:52pm...where we are!!!

brittandlauren said...

11! Wow! haha

It doesn't count when it is "eleven something". It has to be "something eleven". haha!