Thursday, December 3, 2009

Yes - I bought that at a thrift store. So what?

So - I am a thrift store, salvation army, goodwill shopping junky! haha. Seriously people, I freakin' love these stores! I don't always have the opportunity OR time to go shopping but when I do I LOVE it. I am a girl who loves a good deal and boy oh boy did I hit the jackpot yesterday!

I stopped at the "Salvation Army Family Store" in Moore on 5th street and I found some great buys! I have been in desperate need, seriously DESPERATE need of some winter shirts!!! I had about, oh....2. HA! So I hit up the Salvation Army yesterday. I remembered my sister-in-law telling me that all clothes are half off on Wednesdays. I pulled into the parking lot to find it quite full but I decided to brave the masses and head on in! I started off with no shopping cart and quickly went back to get one because I found out that this was serious business. I tried on probably 20 things in the fitting room and loved most of them. Even though they were all good deals I had to narrow it down because despite the great find we are pretty tight on money right now. However I did walk aways with 5 shirts for $11!!! Not only that but they are: Banana Republic, Old Navy, New York and Company and Liz Claiborne! Not to shabby, ehe? And then to top it all off I found a Christmas tree stand (Which we need) for $4 and it is really nice! The cheapest stand that I have found anywhere else was at Dollar General for $8 and it was a piece of junk. So I left VERY happy! :D


We are still in the process of decorating for Christmas. Everything is done but our tree. The reason being.... We don't have a tree! I would say that is a good reason, wouldn't you? haha However, I am very ready to get all the tree decorations OFF my floor and ON a tree. The reason we don't have a tree is because we are going to go and cut one down ourselves! Ourselves meaning Britt, me, my dad, my dad's truck and my dads saw! hehe... It helps to know people with the right stuff! ;) We were supposed to go and get the tree tonight however my younger brother is in a basketball tournament and he has a game tonight so it looks like it will be Saturday afternoon. I am trying to hold off but I am SOOOO ready. *Sigh* Patience is a virtue, right?

PS - Can we get a little snow with this freezing' cold weather, please???

Love, Lauren.


Julia said...

I LOVE thrift stores too! They are so much fun. And I agree about the snow...a white Christmas would be nice. :)

John and Becky Henderson said...

You can have some of our snow! And some of our bitterly cold weather, too!