Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Britt and Lauren. :)

So - If you didn't notice I changed my "look" and of course with that came a new header. As you can see the header says "Britt and Lauren" and it should probably say "Britt and Mostly Lauren". haha... But I decided that would not look as cute. Someone was joking about how our blog's address is BrittandLauren and I am the only one who writes but you should know, O' faithful reader, that Britt is behind a lot of it ( we are 1) AND most things include him as well. :) Header/blog name explained.

Did I mention tiring? haha!

I know, I am joking here - but I am not at the same time. We truly did have a GREAT Christmas with lots of family, lots of fun, laughter and food!
BUT at the say time we are plum worn out! Time for a break.
Pause - hold the phone! Isn't Christmas supposed to be a break? I guess we missed that memo but...

Speaking of breaks... Britt and I are going to the Lake with some of my family for New Years. Yeah for two long weekends in a row!!

I start my job at the Capitol next Monday, next Monday people!!! So ready! So excited! So happy to have a "Life" again! haha!

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