Monday, November 30, 2009

6 Months!

Today have I have been married for 6 months! I can hardly believe it. Time has really flown by. I was sitting in a chair with Britt the other day and my brother Jonathan looked at Britt and said, "If you were sitting with her like that 3 months ago I would have to hurt you." I laughed and informed Jon that we were married three months ago. He quickly replied with, "How long have you been married?!?" and when I told him almost 6 months he was very surprised. I think that it is surprising to most people. It seems like my wedding was MAYBE two months ago but not six by any means!

I am so thankful for the wonderful husband that God has blessed me with. Seriously people, he is amazing! He is so thoughtful and really cares about me and my feelings. He is so helpful around the house and such an encouragement to me. He is so fun to be with! I hate being away from him. I love sitting next to him. I love holding his hand. I don't think any of this will ever get old.

I am blessed!


Thanksgiving. What can I say? The first word that comes to mind is exhausting. Seriously. I am worn out! It was very "Go, Go Go!" and when it was over I felt like I might crash and burn. In fact, we ended up not going to church last night. We seriously thought we were going to fall over dead and I thought that might cause a scene at church. haha. So, we took some much needed rest.

That was Thanksgiving. Haha... It really was good though. I know I make it sound terrible. We are SO blessed to have so much family close by that we can celebrate with. I just don't want any more turkey for awhile!


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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Giving Thanks and Giveaways!

I was talking with a friend today and we were remarking on how we can hardly believe that it is already the Holiday Season. Seriously people, where has the time gone? I will be stuffing my face with turkey in under 48 hours and it will not stop until Saturday night. I have to find out a way to pace myself. Maybe turkey at one house, stuffing at another, and pie at another. Pick and choose people, it's just what you have to do sometimes.

So in "Celebration" of Thanksgiving Britt and I are going to the OU vs. OSU game this Saturday with his sister and his dad. We are pretty excited!

Britt and I are in the process of Christmas shopping. Money is a little tight this year but it is still a lot of fun. I have been trying to think of creative gift ideas for siblings, nieces, nephews, friends and parents. I have found some pretty cute things. It's not like it will be the most amazing gifts they got but they can rest assured that much thought and love has been put into them. I will have to take pictures of a few of my "creations" and post them on here when I am finished...and after Christmas, of course! ;)

Thank you to the cold weather because Britt and I have been able to have a few fires in our fire place. When we were apartment hunting I never thought that we would actually end up in an apartment that had a REAL, wood burning fire place. I am so thankful for it though!

Speaking of Thankful:

- I am thankful that I have a loving, wonderful husband who works hard (even though it is not fun) to provide for us and that He is a man who has a heart for the Lord.

- I am thankful for BOTH our families and the MANY things they do for the kingdom in how they serve the Lord.

- I am thankful for the Lords provision.

- I am thankful for Diet Dr. Pepper.

- I am thankful that I get a three day weekend

- I am thankful for my comfy, soft house shoes!

- I am thankful for my new jeans! I <3 them! - I am thankful for the job I know the Lord is going to provide in His time.
- I am thankful that a group of men an women made the decision to come to America and sacrificed their lives so that we might have religious freedom.
- I am thankful for the free gift in Christ through the cross and his death that is the atonement for my sins.

What are you thankful for?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Shopping. Jobs. Turkey.

Last weekend some friends and I went to Allen, Texas to go shopping at an Outlet Mall. It was a lot of fun to have a girls day and take a little "Road Trip". I also got some new Jeans (at Gap Outlet) and a really cute scarf and sunglasses at (Charlotte Russe Outlet).

Here is a picture of us girls. (Stole this from Leslie.)


For those of you who have been praying for me regarding the job interview that I had at the State Capitol a few weeks ago I heard yesterday that he hired someone else. It was disappointing but I am ok. The person that he hired was a girl he has known for a while who also grew up in his district. It is hard to compete with that. I am still looking though and got some information that helped me see that my resume is filtering throughout the building which is encouraging. Just waiting now on what God has next. I know He has something it is just to hard to see at times. Trusting is a constant lesson that I am learning. I think that I have "Learned" and then something else comes along. It is a good stretch and faith builder though.

1 Peter 1:6 " So be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead, even though you have to endure many trials for a little while."

Thanks for giving me this reminder Hannah. :)


I can hardly believe that Thanksgiving is basically here. Looking forward to seeing family that we do not get to see often! I am ready for some turkey too! :)

Happy (Pre) Thanksgiving to you all! :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Say what?

So - it hit me this morning. Next week is Thanksgiving which means that Christmas is practically here! haha. I have a lot of shopping, decorating and cooking to do! I did a little "Pre-Online shopping" this morning just getting some ideas and am getting closer to making a decision on what I will get Britt. Boys are hard to shop for! Can I get an amen from all my girls out there?

I just finished rearranging the living room to prepare for the Christmas Tree.
I also rearranged in a way that we can see our fireplace a little better.
Now to get the tree and the wood...


I woke up this morning and felt jipped. Someone forgot to tell me that it was going to be
"10 Below Way to Cold for What I Was Wearing" and I did not have time to change. So, I froze at work today and guess what? Joy of all joys I had car duty at the school I was subbing for.
Of course.


Still have not heard about the job at the capitol for those of you wondering. God is REALLY wanting to teach me some patience. I am starting to look for other positions though. Just pray with me for Gods best and his perfect place/timing.


Tonight is Britt's grandpa's birthday party. It will be really good to see everyone. We are not getting together until 7pm and I am starving right now. It's only 4pm.
I may have to do something about that....

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

.October Photo Shoot.

My dear friend Hannah gave Britt and I our Christmas gift a little early this year. Our gift was a photo shoot! She is a very talented photographer. This was such a great gift because it is something we will cherish for years to come! We had a really great time taking the pictures too. My other dear friend (Who just happens to be Hannah's sister) Lydia came along to help out too! It was just a whole lot of fun! So, I thought I would share a few of my favorites with you! Ok, there is more than a few here but there were just so many good shots!
In front of the Bombing Memorial.
Give me a "C"!


The Ivy Wall.


The Black Wall.

Thanks so much Hannah! We had such a great time and we really love the pictures!

Monday, November 2, 2009


Things that make me happy:

Fall. Pumpkin. Diet Dr. Pepper. Date Night. The day I get my check. Sleeping in. Holidays. Fire Places. Shopping. Cute Coffee Mugs. Movie Nights. Girl Friends. Having my own home.

Things that I am looking forward to:

November 14 Girls Day Out. November 20 twilight: New Moon. November 21 Fall Dinner. Hearing about the job. Thanksgiving. Long Weekends. Buying Christmas Gifts. Wrapping Christmas Gifts. Buying our first Christmas Tree.

Things that make me laugh:

Britt. Laughing it self. Weird Owl. People who post 100 pictures of them self taken by them self on facebook. Some Halloween Costumes. People falling down (Cruel, maybe).

Things I want:

These Boots . This Robe . These Tom’s . This Starbucks Water Bottle . A 1 Year Subscription . This Scarf .