Thursday, March 29, 2012

Baby Randomness

Random things about Pregnancy:

How many people touch your belly and comment saying, "It's so hard!". I usually reply with a smart comment about 'Tthe greatest workout routine ever'. :)

How many people smile and are just all around more friendly.

How when I walk around on campus or near the dorms people are not write as friendly and look at you like "Oh, that girl." Brings new meaning to "Timing is everything".

Food cravings. A love hate relationship. I told Britt that it is like you think about a food that sounds good and no matter how hard you try you can't stop thinking about it.

Target with Britt. He LOVES looking at the baby stuff. There is one particular swimming suite that he wants SO bad. I keep making him wait until our shower.

Speaking of Showers. So fun as it approaches! People have already given me some things. I love it! It makes it so real!

Being sentimental. Thinking about the upcoming holidays or events with Little Man a part of them.

Touring the labor and delivery floor where I will have him.

Drinking nasty stuff for a test.

The cost of some clothing. Ridiculous. They totally rip off pregnant women!

Thinking, "I know a lot about babies. I can do this mom thing" and then realizing I have no clue how often you bathe a newborn. Sooo... What am I getting myself into? :)

Getting the nursery ready. I can't wait to go in there and just stare. Picturing him in there.

The scare that Little Man gave me the other day. I didn't feel him kick for a long time. Almost 24 hours. I did EVERYTHING to try to make him kick. I call the Dr. As I am waiting on a call back he decides to start moving. This child does NOT preform on command.

Speaking of preforming on command. The way that he will be having a jam session in my belly and the moment someone touches it to feel the world is silent.

I love the random, silly, funny moments and I don't want to forget them.

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