Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cucumbers and Parenting

Week 26.
 I am in week 26 of my pregnancy right now. 

Saturday I will hit week 27, that is the third trimester! 

Every week that I am pregnant I get an email introducing my "new week". And every week the baby's size is compared to some food. How on earth they choose the foods that they do I will never know. Week 26 was a  English Hothouse Cucumber. What the heck is the difference in that and a regular cucumber? 

They are using the picture more to depict the length not the mass (thank God!). I am thankful for the quarter in the picture because I have no way to know how long that is. It truly makes me laugh every week and is probably the NOT the most endearing thing you could compare a baby to. "Hey you cute little 'English Hothouse Cucumber' you!" 

It's fun to joke about the fact that my baby boy is compared to strange food on a weekly basis but in all reality he is not cucumber. He is a real life, breathing, in the flesh, coming in three months whether I am ready or not,


Am I excited? Yes! 

More excited than a kid on Christmas! More excited than someone who just won a gazillion dollars!  More excited than getting 100 English Hothouse Cucumbers! 

Seriously excited! 

Am I scared? Yes.

When I think of the responsibility it is at times overwhelming. And it's not like I am an old pro at this parenting thing. Sure, I have said the classics: "I will never do that to my kids", "My kid will NEVER act like that", "THIS is how WE would handle this situation". Those are all cheap words now. Sure I thought that was realistic then. I can say "THIS is the kind of parent I will be" but what am I basing that off of? I can assure you it is NOT years and years of experience. When it comes down to it I don't know a whole lot. 

So here I am. This person who really doesn't know what I am truly getting myself into yet all of that aside it does not alter the fact that Britt and I are 100% responsible for raising this child. 


So today I realized how stinking grateful I am that it actually is NOT just Britt and I. Just like it is NOT just Britt and I in our marriage. There is another factor. 


SO thankful for the fact that I never walk through any new, scary, challenging situation on my own. SO thankful that my success is not based on my knowledge (although I totally know that seeking wise council from people will help a TON). SO thankful that I can say my dependence on the Lord as a believer, a wife, a MOM is what will determine my success. SO thankful that I am aware of how incapable I am and that I TRULY need the Lord's help. I could never do this without Him. How do people do this without Him?

With that in mind is there still a little fear? Yes. But there is an aspect of adventure, anticipation, not being able to wait to see how God works through this completely incapable vessel to raise a child. Raise a child that loves the Lord and fears Him. Raise a child that has a heart for the lost. Raise a child that calls my God-MY Abba Father, by the same name. Wow! I could NEVER do that alone but I cannot wait for the opportunity to be used by God to help lead my little man in that direction. 

So much wisdom needed here! 

So thankful for my Lord!


Anonymous said...

I was surfing the internet, sort of down and depressed when I felt the holy spirit telling me I should look at your blog for encouragement. It is so great to read your faith in god sustains you, it gives me hope that a normal person like me has a shot. It is so great to hear your words of faith describe your dependance on god. I am truly glad I read your blog it has helped me feel better about my circumstances.

brittandlauren said...

I am so glad that it helped and encouraged you! Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

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