Thursday, March 8, 2012

The List(s)

Things that I can't wait for. Sometime they keep me going. You know, the next "big thing"? I have this check list of small 'events' and large ones coming up between now and when little man arrives.

the small things...

*Getting my iphone - I have the worlds most janky phone. It is over four years old and does absolutely nothing cool. I barley takes pictures. I have never been the cool phone girl and I probably still won't be since I will most likely get the 0.96$ iphone but it will be cool to me. And I will be able to take pictures whenever and share them with you!

*Getting my hair cut - I am embarrassed to say that it has been almost a year. That my friends is beyond horrible. Our budget has not allowed it and so I have set dreaming about the day. It is almost here! Hopefully next month!

*Cutting Chloe (the dog's hair).  - Done and done. It was on the list to take her to the groomer but I got sick and tired of it and I did it myself three nights ago. Yes, she has several bald spots no it won't kill her or me. AND, bonus, it was FREE!

*Girls weekend - I have 3 dear friends who I love getting together with. Love being an understatement. Every few months we plan a time to get together. We don't plan it enough and when we are together the time flies by. I can't wait until this Saturday. It's been too long this time. Our group will be "splitting" in June for awhile so I want to take in every moment while I can. I love these ladies. They are the sisters I never had.

the big things...

* Spring Break Conference - We take a group of students to Colorado Springs (300 students) every spring break for a discipleship training conference. It is an intense week with a lot of information but it is also so refreshing too. I see God work in the hearts of students and each year I have been I have seen people come to know Him. I am aware of at least 3 lost students going this year and I can't wait to see what God does!

* Easter - I love Holidays and I love Easter. I can't wait to see my nieces hunt eggs and eat a great lunch with my families. Even more I can't wait to celebrate Christ Resurrection. Not that I have to wait but I love the time set aside to truly do that and the work that always takes place in my heart.

* Britt's Birthday - I love celebrating life and what a better life to celebrate!

* Spring Banquet. Our last end of the year celebration with the students. A time to honor the seniors in our ministry.

* Ending my job - This is bitter sweet. I am excited about this new chapter in life and I am scared at the same time. In our two years of support raising we have always had my income to back up on. We are giving that up now and taking a pay cut. I am trusting, trusting God, or at least working on it. It has been a stretch for me but I am excited to see what He does!

* My Little brothers wedding. - That's weird to say out loud and type. He's getting married. That makes three of us down and one to go. Although, I hope my 16 year old brother has no intention of marrying anytime soon! haha

* My Birthday - It is close to when little man gets here but I plan to still celebrate! I LOVE birthdays! 

* Our Anniversary - Three years. Crazy!!!

* Drum roll please...... - He will be coming! 

Counting it down truly does help me. Finding the little and big things in-between. I can't wait to meet this little guy!

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