Monday, March 30, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We have found an apartment!!! We are so excited about it! They are located in the North Norman area. They are by far our favorite out of all that we looked at. We also really liked the location, management, floorplan, size, basically everything! It is SO nice to know where we will be. We are still working on all of the paper work but it is well on the way and they are holding the apartment for us. The people are actually not moving out until April 30 so we will be able to move in on May 18. We picked that day because Britt is graduating on May 16 and when he is done he will just go ahead and move right in. I got a few pictures online. We are really excited!

Outside View (This is one of the 3 swimming pools!)
Floor Plan

Living Room. It has a fire place in the one that we are renting which I am really excited about!

God has truly been so good to us! He knew where we would be and had the perfect place in mind. it just took waiting on Him. It was difficult at times but as always, worth the wait!

Our Wedding Shower is on April 11 and it will be a lot of fun to get the stuff and be able to put it in our apartment soon! Everything is approaching so quickly! The wedding id exactly 2 months away today! 61 days if you were wondering! ;)


Amy said...

AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! how exciting! Can't wait to come see it!!!!

DOT (Maria) said...

That's great! I can't believe your wedding is only 2 months away! Can't wait! Love you both!

Beth said...

So much fun!! I can't wait to get there and see. I hope that you have a really fun bridal shower!

Ashley Brooke said...

thats so fun! I'm definitely coming over to swim! :)