Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Old and New Years

Well, I am back to the working world. It is going well so far. The first few weeks will be a good time to egt started on things. Work will really pick up at the start of February because the Legislative Session will kick off February 1st! I enjoy the gast pace craziness though so I am looking forward to it!

Still praying for a job for Britt but the Lord will provide in His perfect time. Waiting is always the hardest part. Britt has been kicking it into high gear applying for jobs and I am sure the Lord will reward his dilligence.


A friend asked me a few days ago, "What is your top goal for 2010?" What a great question! So, what is your top goal for 2010? You should have one!


2009 What a year it was!!! A whirlwind in fact! Lets recap:

I began my job at the State Capitol as a Legislative Assistant.

The year that I would become Mrs. Lauren Clay.

I learned more about walking in the Spirit. I am going to quote myself from a previous post, "Be the person who walks on a daily basis to do what God is calling you to and not allow stupid things to detour you from what His plan is." Still true and still a good reminder.

Truly discovered my love for Mango Tea from Tea Caffe in Norman.

Coutning days till the wedding!

Made my first donation to http://www.abort73.com/ and bought a t-shirt!

Britt and I put our names down on the waiting list for the apartment that we now live in.

I tried on my wedding dress and it was TOO SMALL!. I freaked. Major. I lost 10 pounds that month. Soon to find out I was only bloated the day I tried it on. By the time my wedding rolled around if I would have lost any more weight it would have been too small! Ironic.

I went to Glorieta New Mexico.

Sent out my wedding invtiations!

3 wedding showers. Realized how blessed and loved we are!

Hosted a surprise Birthday Party for Britt!

Learned a lot about grace. Had some bad experiences at work and I had to learn to extend grace when it was very hard.

Planned, planned and planned some more!

Found out Britt had to take a calss over in the fall. Learned a lot about trusting God and casting my burdens on Him.

Turned 21 and it didn't even feel like it. My birthday was the day before our wedding so it was rehersal day. There is always 22. haha

Got married to Britt Clay on May 30, 2009!

Honeymoon! Destination, San Antonio!

Started a new job. HATED it. Quit.

Cleaned an 18,000 spuare foot house!

Ate lots of Watermelon

Had a fun day with my girl friends. Girls night was a fast growing tradition for sure!

Dyed my hair dark brown!

Got a rude comment on my blog. Vented.

Went to St. Louis, MO.

Learned about worry and not doing it! Money was tight but God is faithful.

Became a Substitue teacher.

Shopping trip to an outlet mall in Texas with good friends!

Ate too much turkey. Good for life now!

Went to 9 Christmas celebrations!

Celebrated the new year in a little cabin, near a fire, doing a whole lot of nothing! *Sigh*

That's about what my year looked like! ;)

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