Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Traditions

I love this time of year. The chilly weather, the smell of fire places burning wood, the lights on the houses, the trees, the family, the hot chocolate, the memories... My list could go on and on.

It is always really fun to share favorite family traditions and memories and to hear other peoples as well. I thought that I would share a few of my favorites with you.

Tradition #1

Decoration the tree: 

Whether it is the tree at Britt and my house, my parents or his parents it is so much fun! We love the time spent with family decorating the tree - and in reality the whole house - as we celebrate together. I will never grow tired of this!

Tradition #2

"Christmas Eve Gift":

This is one of my most favorite and beloved traditions of all. It all started with my Great Grandmother (Nanny). This tradition has gone on as long as I can remember. Here is how it works:

The goal is to be the first one to say, "Christmas Eve Gift" to another family member. This can be in person or through a phone call. The game starts and ends on Christmas Eve. I will spend the day answering my phone "Christmas Eve Gift" even if it is not family calling, knowing that a family member may borrow another phone to call. (There is a lot of strategy) I am careful to answer the phone and the best is to get one of the said family members in person. The glory of the victory is so much greater!

The idea is that whoever says "Christmas Eve Gift" first the other person must buy them a Christmas Eve Gift. Now, the buying and gift giving never actually happens but the competition itself, and of course the victory, is a gift within itself. And if you know my family at all, we are only slightly competitive! :)

Disclaimer: Texting, email., messages on cars, messages in the sky, non participating messengers, etc... do not qualify. 

Tradition #3

Christmas Eve Movie:

Well, I guess my family has a lot of Christmas Eve traditions! But this one is also a classic. After the candlelight service at my parents church my family will go out to dinner and then we go and see a Christmas Eve movie. It is normally a Christmas Movie and these days a cartoon since little children are back in the picture but we love going to the theater that night to watch a movie, any movie, just for traditions sake.

Memory #1

McDonald's Drive-In 

When I was probably 3 and Brandon, my brother, was 5 mom and dad bought us a McDonald's Drive-In for Christmas. It looked something like this:

We loved, loved, loved this gift!!!! (Girl not included). 

Memory #2: 

Big Wheels

I think most of these revolve around gifts but one Christmas I got one of these:

Brandon and Jon got these:

And then we rode them in the freezing cold for hours. it was heaven on earth. 

I am pretty sure I could go on with the reminiscing for hours upon hours but I will stop here.

I will leave you with what I looked like in most of my growing up Christmas-Morning-Pictures:

Okay - Maybe not the face mask but the sponge rollers were a must. I had an obsession with looking like Shirley Temple or something. 

What is your favorite Tradition and Memory???

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