Monday, May 17, 2010

Random Monday's

I love summer.

Two things that I really love about summer that are not your cliché (“Swimming”, “Vacation”, “Being Tan”, etc…) are:

*Flip Flops

*Green Tea

*Flip Flops – I love them. I live for them. I pray for warmer weather so that I can wear them. In turn, I think that flip flop tan lines are an adorable mark that summer has finally arrived.

*Green Tea – Iced that is. It is so refreshing. There are lots of flavors. It is simply wonderful! Try one of my fav’s: Starbucks – Ice Green Tea (Venti) with 2 splenda and some raspberry flavoring. It is wonderful! I also love Starbucks Lemonade-Green-Tea. YUM!

I am a summer girl. That’s just the way it is. I love summer!


Happy News!

* I am going to be an Aunt again! Britt’s sister Beth is expecting her 4th child! We are so exited about this! This will make me an Aunt 6 times and counting. I just love it!

*I leave for Dallas in t-minus 101 hours and counting!
I. Need. A. Vacation.
No matter how short, this is needed. And people – I have birthday money and I am going to shop, shop, shop!

*I am going out with Hannah on Wednesday to celebrate “Our Birthday”. We share May 29th as a birthday and so it is fun to celebrate together, exchange gifts, etc… I am SO thankful for wonderful friends like her!



*Yesterday was a little more difficult of a day concerning dad. He did not have one of his best days. There are always ups and downs but I ask that you please continue to pray for him!

*I have a prospect for a part-time job! It would be such a blessing. I have been looking for a part-time job since Britt and I will be working part-time at the BSU (Baptist Student Union) at OU and so I need something else to do.

*Please continue to pray for my dear friend Amy and her precious baby Ella. Pray for God’s perfect will. Pray that He chooses to spare Ella’s life and allows her to have some time here on the earth. Pray for Amy and that she will have a peace that passes ALL understanding. – Side note: I don’t think I ever understood the “passes all understanding part” until I was in a horrible situation. There truly is such a peace though!


I hope that you all had a marvelous weekend and a wonderful start to this new week. Enjoy the beautiful sunshine!

Happy Monday!

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