Thursday, May 6, 2010

Say what?

I changed my blog look.... again. I know, I know, I just love change! :)

I am going to be buuuuusy this rest of week/weekend. Actually, I have already been busy this week. :p

For the rest of this week we have:

*Mothers day dinner tonight at our place for Britt's mom.

*Going to Starbucks on campus corner to meet the manager, suck up a little and pray I get a job there.

*Go see Amy! :)

*Come home.....Get ready for Spring Banquet.....Go to Spring Banquet.

*Go get stuff ready for Garage Sale

*Go to Bryce's birthday party.

*Go spend time with Katie!

*Go to Hospital

*Go to church

*Go to mothers day dinner with my mom.

Eh! It is scary when I type it all out. Needless to say life is busy right now. It is ok, we are going to celebrate our anniversary weekend May 22nd and it will be a WONDERFUL escape.

….wait. Did I just say I was going to celebrate my anniversary weekend soon? That means I have almost been married for 1 year. People, this is CRAZY!


You might be interested to know:

1.) I plan to take pictures this weekend.
2.) I plan (hope!) to post them on here at some point. We all know people like pictures!
3.) Since I do not have a picture to post of my own I thought that I would share this one....


Ok... and maybe this one too....

Happy Thursday! :)


JG said...

Haha. I love demotivaters! :) And the new look is super cute. Nice job :) Have a great weekend!!

HR said...

I like your new look! ;)