Monday, May 24, 2010


It's been way to long since my last update. I have been way to busy to even think about updating. I am back though, at least for a little while.

Britt and I went out of town this past weekend to celebrate our 1 year anniversary a little early. Our anniversary is not technically until the 30th but we will be out of town in St. Louis that weekend seeing a friend and his family and so this past week was out celebration! :) We had a great time and I hope to post pictures soon. I really don't have that many pictures of our trip at all but I will post what I have when I have a chance.

Random Question: Has anyone ever read the book "The Glass Castle"? Really just curious.

Happy Monday!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Random Monday's

I love summer.

Two things that I really love about summer that are not your cliché (“Swimming”, “Vacation”, “Being Tan”, etc…) are:

*Flip Flops

*Green Tea

*Flip Flops – I love them. I live for them. I pray for warmer weather so that I can wear them. In turn, I think that flip flop tan lines are an adorable mark that summer has finally arrived.

*Green Tea – Iced that is. It is so refreshing. There are lots of flavors. It is simply wonderful! Try one of my fav’s: Starbucks – Ice Green Tea (Venti) with 2 splenda and some raspberry flavoring. It is wonderful! I also love Starbucks Lemonade-Green-Tea. YUM!

I am a summer girl. That’s just the way it is. I love summer!


Happy News!

* I am going to be an Aunt again! Britt’s sister Beth is expecting her 4th child! We are so exited about this! This will make me an Aunt 6 times and counting. I just love it!

*I leave for Dallas in t-minus 101 hours and counting!
I. Need. A. Vacation.
No matter how short, this is needed. And people – I have birthday money and I am going to shop, shop, shop!

*I am going out with Hannah on Wednesday to celebrate “Our Birthday”. We share May 29th as a birthday and so it is fun to celebrate together, exchange gifts, etc… I am SO thankful for wonderful friends like her!



*Yesterday was a little more difficult of a day concerning dad. He did not have one of his best days. There are always ups and downs but I ask that you please continue to pray for him!

*I have a prospect for a part-time job! It would be such a blessing. I have been looking for a part-time job since Britt and I will be working part-time at the BSU (Baptist Student Union) at OU and so I need something else to do.

*Please continue to pray for my dear friend Amy and her precious baby Ella. Pray for God’s perfect will. Pray that He chooses to spare Ella’s life and allows her to have some time here on the earth. Pray for Amy and that she will have a peace that passes ALL understanding. – Side note: I don’t think I ever understood the “passes all understanding part” until I was in a horrible situation. There truly is such a peace though!


I hope that you all had a marvelous weekend and a wonderful start to this new week. Enjoy the beautiful sunshine!

Happy Monday!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's so hard

Last night Britt and I went to go see my dad. It was encouraging and hard at the same time. Encouraging because he had the talking device in his trach and we were able to talk to him some. Hard because now that he can talk some we can see how difficult and painful this is for him.

There are still many times he cannot talk or is not “there” enough to talk; but the times that he can it are good.

Mom said that the other day he said something like, “This is so hard” and she replied saying, “Yes, but we have to trust the Lord.” “Sometimes it is so hard to trust the Lord” dad said, and mom replied, “Yes, sometimes it is really hard, but do you trust him?” “Yes” dad said.

That whole conversation was difficult and challenging for me to hear as mom relayed it to me. It was hard to hear my dad’s inward struggle spoken out loud. I have always viewed my dad as the strongest person I know. He is so strong and I know that He will fight this. What he said, “Sometimes it is hard to trust the Lord” is something that ALL of us feel at times. I appreciate the honesty in what he said.

After we got home from visiting dad I felt so “heavy” inside. I felt overwhelmed with everything going on around me. My dad in the hospital, all that we have to do in the next few weeks, my dear friend Amy and the difficult situation she is facing with her precious baby Ella and her heart condition, all of the change coming our way, etc… The list could go on and on. Some things are so good and other are difficult but the culmination of it all had me feeling so overwhelmed.

I began to feel like my dad. I began to feel like it was SO HARD to trust the Lord. I was telling Britt this and I told him, “I just don’t understand God. I don’t understand why He would do this to our family. I don’t understand why He would do this to Amy.” I wanted to lift my hands to the sky, throw my head in the air and say, “God, I don’t understand you!” Then, Britt reminded me that even when things seem so good it is still SO HARD to understand God.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD.” Isaiah 55:8

It is not that I don’t trust the Lord. I know that He is in control, He love us and wants the best for us. I just don’t understand. Someday I may look back and understand, and then again I may not know until I am I heaven. I will continue to trust, despite my lack of understanding.

“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Oklahoma Weather

Last night was eventful. It is Tornado Season in Oklahoma. That is ALWAYS eventful. Funny thing is, that when you are actually FROM Oklahoma, sometimes it is hard to take tornados as seriously. Funny thing is, I have never taken them serious enough until now. Now I live in an apartment building and that makes tornados a little scarier. I don’t feel QUITE as safe and sound.

As a result, when tornados started to randomly hit around us (within 2-5 miles) we decided it was time to go somewhere that we would not be blown away. We went to the OU dorms and it…? I don’t really know what it was, I guess it was safe. You feel kind of silly, making sure your tennis shoes are on, grabbing 1 or 2 things that are important for you, knowing that the likely hood of you being the one hit is not that great. But the thing is that it will hit someone and it COULD be you whether likely or not.

In the end we were fine, no damage to our apartment or cars.

We (Britt and two good friends who live in our complex) decided to go and “celebrate” our “survival” with some Passion Berri. ;) It was delicious and a great way to end that evenings excitement.

My heart does go out for the families who had fatalities. There were 4 reported as of this morning and multiple injuries. I am thankful to live in Oklahoma though because people will help people. I remember when the May 3 tornado hit my family volunteered with the Salvation Army for a few days. We were all younger but it was a great experience. I know that will happen again too, people will help. I love Oklahoma!


Sometimes I have this feeling like, “Does anyone even read my blog”. Then, I will be talking to someone and they will say, “I just love reading your blog” or something like that and it shocks me that they even know about it. Blogs are funny things. Most people don’t comment so you really never know who is reading, if anyone. It is easy to feel like you are just writing to cyberspace but I don’t think that is the case.


I hate the feeling of coming to work in the morning and being hungry almost right away. I ate breakfast and yet I feel like my stomach is eating itself. Dumb.

I guess that is enough randomness for today. I am running on a lack of sleep and need to stop here because I cannot be held accountable for what I say. ;)

Happy Tuesday!

PS – Excuse any typos, I am too lazy to go back and check them right now.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Say what?

I changed my blog look.... again. I know, I know, I just love change! :)

I am going to be buuuuusy this rest of week/weekend. Actually, I have already been busy this week. :p

For the rest of this week we have:

*Mothers day dinner tonight at our place for Britt's mom.

*Going to Starbucks on campus corner to meet the manager, suck up a little and pray I get a job there.

*Go see Amy! :)

*Come home.....Get ready for Spring Banquet.....Go to Spring Banquet.

*Go get stuff ready for Garage Sale

*Go to Bryce's birthday party.

*Go spend time with Katie!

*Go to Hospital

*Go to church

*Go to mothers day dinner with my mom.

Eh! It is scary when I type it all out. Needless to say life is busy right now. It is ok, we are going to celebrate our anniversary weekend May 22nd and it will be a WONDERFUL escape.

….wait. Did I just say I was going to celebrate my anniversary weekend soon? That means I have almost been married for 1 year. People, this is CRAZY!


You might be interested to know:

1.) I plan to take pictures this weekend.
2.) I plan (hope!) to post them on here at some point. We all know people like pictures!
3.) Since I do not have a picture to post of my own I thought that I would share this one....


Ok... and maybe this one too....

Happy Thursday! :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Anchored. Needy. Motivated.

Two post in one day, I know… A miracle for me right now…

I was reading a blog this morning and it really began to stir a lot of things within me. Sometimes I feel so stuck. It seems like most of the time I see or hear about two types of people: 1. The worldly 2. The conservative.

I am not saying there is anything wrong with conservative values… I guess it just depends on what extent you call something conservative. Legalism may me a better word.

I want to have conservative values but I don’t want to be caught in a way of thinking that could keep me from following things the Lord is calling and leading me to.

Here are a few things from Alyssa's Blog that really stuck out to me…

“In my head I know what the truth is. I've got to be anchored. Set firm. Held to. Being held by... God. - to the very greatest and most secure foundation ever: Jesus Christ. That is the only way to not live out of reaction and fall into a ditch living lifestyle.”

“This whole thing keeps me broken within. It keeps me coming back and tearing down the walls I've built up around myself so quickly. It keeps me SO needy. At the same time, it really gets me excited. It motivates me and drives me every morning I wake up to seek God more. It keeps me on my toes spiritually. It causes me to evaluate my motives, my heart. It makes me question things instead of just following blindly behind the blind.”

I want to be in a place of knowing where I am anchored, staying needy (knowing I cannot do it alone) and at the same time being motivated to do something!

Go Here to read the whole post. It is challenging and encouraging. I really admire her.

Once again, Happy Monday! :)


...that is what Britt and I have been. Busy. Life has been a little crazy this past week and in some ways it does not look like it will be slowing down anytime soon. I do enjoy the busy times. It is fun to be active and have lots to do. Although it does help me appreciate the slower seasons too.


Church was challenging for me last night. it challenged me to think about what my walk with the Lord looks like right now and the time I am spending in the word. This is something that I know I can always be challenged in.


It is May. I can hardly believe it! May is the month that:

* I will work my last day at the Capitol.
* I turn 22.
* I have been married 1 year.
* We say goodbyes to a good friend for awhile.
* Busy, busy, busy!
* We get to use our White Water Bay Season passes for the first time!

There is more to but I can not a.) think of it right now or b.) don't want to.

Did I mention I am tired? Because I am. Britt and I plan to go to bed EARLY tonight.

I really don't have much more to say so Happy Monday!