Saturday, May 7, 2011

Celebrating a Great Year!

This past Friday night we had the BSU end of the year Spring Banquet. It was a great time to celebrate the end of the year and to honor all of the seniors that have served in the ministry.

These are the four guys that Britt meets with. They are crazy, goofy guys and we love them. Despite their goofiness they all four are really godly men who love the Lord and desire to make His name known. They have committed their college years and life to making disciples of Jesus Christ and to be a part of that process and watching them grow as been an amazing privilege. We will have the opportunity to work with a few of them next year but some of them are moving on and we will miss them so much but it is exciting to send them out knowing the impact they will have in their work places and one day with a family. 

 These are the girls that I was able to meet with this last year. It was an honor to get to know each of them better. All four of these girls are so different and I love them each for their unique qualities and abilities. Despite their difference we all share a common love for the Lord and to watch that love and relationship unfold in their lives has been incredible. I have seen each one of them grow in ways that have molded them more into the image of our Lord and I know they love Him dearly. They love the younger girls on our campus and they are committed to making disciples. It has been amazing meeting with them and watching them grow! Two of them will be moving on and I will miss them so, so, so much!

This past year at the BSU has been one of the most difficult and challenging years of Britt and my life. From work and the crazy schedule of college ministry to personal life, family and marriage it has been a whirlwind. We are tired but it is a really good tired! We have loved this year and all that it has brought, even the challenges, because despite whatever has come the Lord has allowed us to be a part of investing in the lives of these students and others and we wouldn't trade it for anything.

We are looking forward to the opportunity to invest in students this summer and the school year to come. God has lots in store and we know He has big plans for our ministry at OU and we can't wait!

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