Thursday, May 19, 2011

Colorado Bound! (Kind of!)

So - I have this list, it's long' and it is everything that we have to pack for our trip to Colorado. Have you ever seen our car? It looks like this:

It's really not that big. And we have to fit our lives for the next two months in it. We are moving into some dorms and they are "apartment" style. They will have a bed, a table with a few chairs, a couch and a chair. It has a kitchen, but nothing in it. Guess who brings the kitchen stuff? *Raises Hand* Yap, we do!

So now I have the task of packing what I think we will need and use the most because I think that I can confidently say I am not fitting all of my kitchen things in that car. And on top of the task of packing the question of "When?" hangs over my head. You see, since I am only packing the things we need/use the most when do I start packing them? We still need to live our lives here and I am not fond of the idea of eating out ever meal or drying off with tea towels because we already packed our bath towels (Yes, we have to bring towels and sheets and EVERYTHING).

I just realized that it may sound like I am not excited to go this summer. I am SOOO excited I am just trying to figure out how Britt, myself and all of out stuff is going to get there. It WILL happen though. If things are packed all the way to the car roof with a little hole for Britt to see out of the rear-view mirror so be it. We are getting what we need there. I may have to ride on top of the trunk to hold it down but it's going to happen!

I may not be able to update as much this next week. With all of the packing and preparations for the trip going on. But hang in there with me because I hope to blog a lot this summer with updates on our trip.

Wish me happy packing! :)

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Lauren said...

Happy packing :)