Monday, May 9, 2011

The No Surprise Gift

So my Birthday is coming up soon and I have really been wanting a nicer camera. Not like a "I am going to be the next big photographer and open my own business camera" but I nicer "point and shoot" camera that actually took decent pictures. As you should know by now Britt and I will be spending the summer in Colorado and I would love to have a better camera for our stay there and just life in general. 

So, without anymore delay, here it is, my soon to be Birthday gift!

Truth be told I absolutely love it even though I do not yet have the luxury of holding it in my hands. I can imagine it in my hands....
"Man, my fingernails looks bad..."
Anyway, I can imagine and it looks good! :)

Even though the gift is not a surprise, I don't care. The anticipation of having it is killing me! I love it! sometimes anticipation beats the feeling of surprise, in my opinion. I love both feelings but for right now I will live in the feeling of anticipation. :)

Happy Monday


JG said...

Yay for new cameras! Be sure and read that manual and find some online tutorials. It's way more fun when you really know how to make your camera do all the cool stuff it's supposed to.

Anonymous said...

You're gonna have so much fun with that camera! Can't wait to see some of your shots :)