Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Spider Meets the Mop

Yesterday I had a terrible encounter with what was one of the LARGEST spiders I have ever personally seen or killed. It was 

And Freaky.

For the record, I hate, hate, hate, hate spiders and if you call me a wimp I will agree and say I don't care. They are freaky, jumpy, unpredictable little devils AND they bite!

Well, yesterday I was cleaning a house for my boss that they are trying to rent and I was looking for the mop. I went and opened the pantry door, checking to see if it was in there and I did not find the mop. Instead, I found this little (or not so little) guy!

At that point I was officially weirded out and I did what any normal human would do. I slammed the door TRYING to pretend I did not see that nasty thing and hoping that it would not get out of there.

I continued in my cleaning but no matter how hard I would try that little spider haunted me. I can relate with Taylor Swifts lyrics from the song Haunted:

"I know, I know
I just know 
you're not gone 
You can't be gone".

I don't think that she meant for the lyrics to be interpreted that way but it fit and that's how I felt. That little spider was sitting in there haunting me. Plus, I looked down and saw there was a pretty big gap between the bottom of the pantry door and the floor and I just knew if I didn't do something that little guy would come out and attack me! Because we all know that spiders plan attack strategies to bite humans. If you didn't know that you can now consider yourself warned!

So I did the only logical thing. I grabbed my spider killing weapon..... 

....and I went to attack. 

As I approached the pantry door I had crossed the line of no return. I HAD to go through with it. If I didn't go through with it I would have had a difficult time cleaning the whole house from on top of the kitchen counter. 

So I opened the door and there it was, sitting there looking at me. I grabbed my weapon and I began hitting the little thing over and over again. THE THING WOULD NOT DIE! It took like 8 hits and 5 screams of terror for the thing to FINALLY die.

Once all of this was over, and the guts were all over my once clean floor, I had to stop because it sounded like I had just ran a marathon. My heart was beating so fast that I thought it would explode. It wasn't from the swinging of the mop that made my heart pump a little more quickly. Oh no, it was because I was terrified and my adrenaline was pumping like crazy.

So, that is my story. I lived to tell it and I am not sad to say that Mr. Spider is not here to hear my story. He is dead, his guts are cleaned up and I can breath in a normal rhythm now.


Lauren said...

So glad I am not the only one :)

minibabygurl said...

what kind of spider is that i found on like that in my 4 year old sons room and i am freaking out!!!!!