Monday, March 23, 2009

Rest to the Real World

For those of you who did not know Britt and I were gone this past week in Glorieta, New Mexico. We had a really great time of learning, relaxing, fun and friendship! It was a much needed break for the both of us!

I did take some pictures and will try to post some of them soon! For those of you that have facebook though, they are on there…

The week started with us leaving on Saturday morning. We had to be in Norman at the BSU there at 5:30AM!!! It was very early. I only got about 3 hours of sleep the night before so it REALLY felt early to me. We loaded the bus and headed out somewhere between 6-6:30am. I was able to sleep on the bus for quiet awhile which was really nice.

We arrived in Glorieta that night at around 5:00pm. We ate dinner and went to our first session of the week. We had two speakers that week. Max Barnett who is the former director at the OU BSU and Dan Woolridge who is a business man who speaks at many conferences. It was really good. Max taught on how Discipleship begins with Evangelism and Dan talked about the work place and our influence there as well as the world we will in and where it is going. God spoke to my heart in many ways.

Sunday was more session and we also had “Workshops”. There was a list of workshops that we could pick from. Britt and my favorite was “Developing a Heart for the Lost” by Brian Zunigha. He was really great and his heart for the lost was evident. It was very convicting for Britt and I.

Monday and Tuesday were “Free Days” for us. A lot of the students go snow skiing on those days but since Britt and I are poor we opted on the skiing. ;) On Monday we went to Santa Fe, NM. It was…. Fun. (That is a whole other blog post). After Santa Fe we just hung out and rested.

On Tuesday Britt and some of the guys went hiking. Ashley and Hannah (the two girls in my room) and myself went and met up with them after a little while. We ended up hiking for about 4 hours. It was a lot of fun!

Wednesday and Thursday was more worshops and session, as well as a night of "Follies" on Thursday.

Really, the whole week was so nice and refreshing. God really spoke in my life in a lot of ways. I had a really great time getting to know some of Britt’s friends better and on a different level. They are some really great guys and great friends for me as well.

We are home now… Back to the “Real World”. I THINK I am ready. :p Are you ever REALLY ready though?

68 days until the wedding! I can hardly even believe it! Time is going by quickly and I could not be more grateful! I am so ready to be Lauren Clay! God has been so good to Britt and I. If you think of us please continue to pray for a job for Britt and that we would find an apartment soon. Apartment hunting is so difficult and frustrating. As for the job, that is something that we just really have to trust God on. He is in control though and he has a plan that is better than anything we can dream up.

So – That was up there with some of the longer posts I have published. I tried to reduce everything as well. A lot happened in the last week. Like I said, I will TRY to get pictures up soon.

Have a great week!


John and Becky Henderson said...

Glad you guys had a good time! I've heard it is really beautiful there.
Did the apartment in Moore not work out??? Just curious.....
Lots of love, Becky

Britt and Lauren said...

Well... We are just not "sold" on it. We are still looking. We will have to make a decision soon. There is another one in Moore that we are going to go look at tomorrow night. We will see how it goes...