Monday, March 2, 2009

So what can I do?

Something that has really been on my heart and mind recently is Abortion. It is a scary and real thing going on right now. When I say right now I literally mean right now, this minute. Somewhere a baby is being aborted. Abortion is one of the most common surgical procedures in the WORLD and most people know NOTHING of it's horrible reality. Every day it destroys almost 4,000 HUMAN BEINGS a day in the US and 130,000 A DAY world wide! Do you know why this is happening in the US today? Because in 1973 seven Supreme Court Justices decided that abortion was a constitutionally protected act. Without a vote, without public debate, abortion came in through the back door without ever coming before the vote of the people. Abortion today is a billion dollar industry that is supported by very influential people in very high places. We try so hard to teach the youth of this nation in our high schools to not smoke, don't drink, protect yourself from STD's but when it come to abortion we do NOTHING!

As I write this and think about it I honestly become more and more angry. If you were to walk down the street today more people then you think believe that abortion is ok. THEY ARE IGNORANT. They do not understand what takes place during an abortion.

I recently stumbled across a website This site offers facts, stories and pictures about abortion and the dangers of it. They clearly show you that abortion is MURDER.

I was recently able to give some money to this organization. Not a lot granted but some. Just think, if we all gave some...? There is not a lot that I can do about this gruesome popular trend of abortion but I can help aid those that ARE doing something.

Something else that I did was buy one of their T-Shirts. They are really cute and very comfortable, but most importantly they communicate a very important message...ABORTION IS WRONG! I encourage you to buy one. They are very reasonable. In fact, most of them start at $7.50 but you can give up to $15.00 per shirt. Here is the one I bought:

They also provide this list of "ten ways you can help" I found this to be really helpful and most of the things achievable for me and my limited budget.

We have been learning in our Bible Study on Monday nights about things that we can do to serve our community and ultimately our world. Well... this is something I can do. You WILL see me proudly wearing my "abort 73" T-shirt.


L.s.R said...

Good post! I found abort73 at the end of last year. I love their 'love lets live' t-shirts. You are right, people are ignorant...and selfish. Your post is a good reminder to be more vocal about abortion.

Britt and Lauren said...

the "love lets live" t-shirt was my fav! They did not have it in the color I wanted for my size though. When they get it back in though I am going to get that one too! I did get a "love lets live" bumper sticker though!

L.s.R said...

awesome! I am planning on getting t-shirt at the end of the month