Thursday, January 14, 2010


This is my 100th post! 100 and still going strong!

Does that make this my blogs 100 birthday? haha... I guess if I count a post like a birthday. That is retarded.

Anyway, I can hardly believe I have wrote something on this page 100 times. (I am trying to see how many times I can use "100" in this post)

I am wondering if there is really that much significance in 100 posts. Other than the fact that it is something to post about, probably not. Oh well, here I am anyway. ;)

I was trying to decide what I should to to commemorate this occasion. Maybe a list of 100 things, write 100 words, have a cake? haha... Then I decided to just write about life, because that is what this is anyway. Life, in the written word.


- Work ='s CRAZY. 'nough said!

- Britt and I went to eat at BJ's last night, shoe shopping (for him), and grocery shopping. We had such a great time! Seriously! I love how we can just do random things and still have a wonderful time.

If you have never been to BJ's -YOU SHOULD GO!- We LOVE it. Almost every time we get the "Parmesan Crusted Chicken" and split it. It was yum! In fact, I am really hungry right now and my mouth just started watering.

Shoe shopping was fun. Britt was in desperate need of a new pair of tennis shoes (Since he walks about 12 freakin' miles a day he kind of wore his other ones out!). We found a GREAT deal at Famous Footwear. If you need shoes, you should go there right now because they are having a good sale!

Then we went grocery shopping. I love grocery shopping with Britt. He pushes the basket, I walk in front with my little list, as I find things I toss them in the cart, and then he meticulously organizes the cart. It's cute, it works, we fit well together! :)

- Tonight we are going to go see a movie. Leap Year. It looks cute. I think that cute is the right word for it. I feel like seeing a cute movie.

- This weekend we don't have anything planned and I am HAPPY about that. I love lazy weekends. We will go see my family on Friday night or Saturday, and we are planning to have lunch with Britt's family this Sunday because his two older sisters, plus the nieces and nephew will be here. Other than that. Nothing. *Happy sigh*

- I need to remember that Britt has to get his drivers license renewed.

- For those of you who did not know, I do not work Fridays. It is nice. PLUS, this Monday is "Martin Luther King, Jr. Day". Of course I get that off because I am a state employee and we get everything off! haha...

So... Happy four day weekend to me! :). And Happy "100 posts" to my blog. And Happy "Thursday to you!"


JG said...

And Happy Thursday to you! Enjoy your 4-day weekend :)

Jaimie Krycho said...

You and Britt are very cute together! This whole post made me grin.

Happy 100th Birthday, Britt and Lauren's Blog!